testing coComment? please do

Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

  1. Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
  2. a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
  3. Submit the comment on the blog as usual

If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

That was easy, right? See the result, go to your personal page

Note: It can happen that your message is caught by Akismet, the anti-spam engine, as a spam so please add a longer comment than “test” 🙂


995 Responses to “testing coComment? please do”

  1. Lazza Says:


  2. Emre Says:


  3. crysV Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    test test

  6. Geof Harries Says:


  7. Nate Wildermuth Says:

    Test, testing…

  8. mrshl Says:


  9. Leila Says:

    Testing. Testing. 1..2..3..

  10. fioona Says:


  11. brocha Says:


  12. celdi Says:

    Everybody test!

  13. trap Says:

    IE test

  14. trap2 Says:

    forgot bookmarklet

  15. Hiwihalle Says:

    test, test ….

  16. Jesper Sandvig Mariegaard Says:

    just testing…

  17. Simone Says:

    ciao test simone

  18. DMY Says:

    1st cocoment

  19. testet Says:

    hello world

  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. bigot27 Says:


  22. tomirk Says:

    After using of marklet:
    400 Bad Request
    It is not a valid request! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server
    Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!

  23. tomirk Says:

    it’s ok now

  24. Dauro Veras Says:

    Boa tarde!

  25. Dauro Veras Says:


  26. Fern Chasida Says:


  27. indictos Says:

    gia na doyme twra

  28. ns Says:

    test test

  29. Batto Says:


  30. Nico Says:

    this is just a test

  31. علا من غزة Says:

    this is cool 😀

  32. tanoka Says:

    ma perché tutti scrivono solo test? che originali….

  33. elle Says:


  34. Rosario Says:

    …Here we go!

  35. Kouichi Says:

    Comment test…..

  36. علا من غزة Says:

    i have to do this again ?!

  37. علا من غزة Says:

    its not working :S

  38. Agavriloaie Marius Says:


  39. Agavriloaie Marius Says:


  40. lockcole Says:


  41. walt Says:


  42. nancy Says:

    Hello! This is a test..

  43. kriselda Says:

    testing 1-2-3 testing! Just making sure this works 🙂

  44. Mazlin Ghazali Says:

    Just checking. I was recommended this sevice by Bob Walsh “clear Blogging”

  45. Mazlin Ghazali Says:

    Testing again to see the blog link on name

  46. Mazlin Ghazali Says:

    Testing yet again to see the blog link on name

  47. Mazlin Ghazali Says:

    Still can’t get it right

  48. kriselda Says:

    Testing again since the first one didn’t seem wo work :/

  49. kriselda Says:

    Still trying…. gah!

  50. Tom Says:


  51. londonbackpacker Says:


  52. Brent Schlenker Says:


  53. Trofimov Says:

    Test commento

  54. camero500 Says:

    Se realiza la prueba

  55. Vb Says:


  56. Rabbagast Says:

    bla bla

  57. Micki Says:

    way cool firefox add-on!

  58. eruntale85 Says:


  59. Anonymous Says:

    testing 123

  60. Gigi Says:

    bla bla bla

  61. webmacster87 Says:

    Trying out coComment to see how it works.

  62. Mike Brown Says:

    test test test

  63. Hummie Says:

    Bloggers, start your engines!

  64. Parrainjules Says:

    ok, let’s go

  65. hedgy Says:

    testy testy testy test.

  66. Inetgate Says:

    This is a test comment. (In English)
    これはテストコメントです。(In Japanese)

  67. Inetgate Says:


  68. Inetgate Says:

    I can comment to this entry.

  69. fabiopedrosa Says:


  70. Mick Liubinskas Says:

    Hey, this is a supertest….


  71. Mick Liubinskas Says:

    OK, doofus here forgot to hi cocomment…..

  72. Eduardo Says:


  73. Ankur Says:

    Testing co comments

  74. motumboe Says:


  75. Yurij Says:


  76. jalu Says:

    coba lagi

  77. Brunet Says:


  78. fidefernstudium Says:

    OK, dann werde ich das ganze jetzt auch mal ausprobieren.

  79. consolamentor Says:


  80. mspro Says:

    so, geht das?

  81. JAK Says:

    How does this work?

  82. Julie Ann Says:


  83. skippergirl Says:


  84. NOlo Says:

    Probando probando.. probandoooooo!

  85. thaistory Says:

    Hey, is anyboy there? Guess who’s back? Back again…

  86. thaistory Says:

    Gues who’s back… back again…

  87. Frank Says:

    Let’s see what this thing here manages to do.

  88. Ashley Says:

    Christian nationalism is a major threat to America. Every time a law is passed that is in any way based on religion it is a loss of freedom.

  89. msegura Says:


  90. Jay Cross Says:

    Today a new blog is born every second. Blogs serve as online diaries, political soapboxes, club notes, news reports, photo sharing, trash talk, PR, and on and on and on. Rather than rail against “kitty bloggers” (people who blog to display photos of their cats), think of a blog as a blank slate.

    Being “for” or “against” blogs makes no more sense than being for or against newspapers: worthiness depends on content and context. Business blogs are used for knowledge-sharing, communicating with customers, in-house project management, industry updates, business intelligence, and more.

    Blogs are one-sided conversations.
    Not everyone is born to blog. Lurkers learn. Etc.

  91. jessyleigh9797 Says:


  92. Θρώγκος Says:


  93. ww Says:


  94. 野孩子 Says:


  95. Dennis Says:


  96. pilotjohn Says:

    testing comments…..


  97. ShAbOoBaLaBoOpY Says:


  98. luv_dalejr Says:


  99. Amy Says:

    stop by & vote

  100. ~A Says:


  101. Michael Says:

    Prova prova

  102. Cameron Sorden Says:


  103. test Says:


  104. Jay Penney Says:

    Testing as requested: http://www.cocomment.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=660

  105. Jem Says:


  106. bc Says:


  107. Gingerskhan Says:

    This is me testing the Firefox extension

  108. lisaamorao Says:

    test test test.

  109. JB Says:

    test, test

  110. apapec Says:

    Ovo je moj test.

  111. Webgrrl Says:

    TESTES 1..2.. TESTES 1..2

  112. hisham Says:


  113. denimu Says:


  114. שימי Says:


  115. empressofdirt Says:

    I’d just like to thank the Academy.

  116. ~~Melissa Says:

    Life is a test.

  117. guss Says:


  118. Mimmo Says:

    tracking comments

  119. Andrea D'Ambra Says:


  120. condofire Says:


  121. Rodney Says:


  122. Sharkbait Says:

    my cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  123. numa1985 Says:


  124. anumks Says:


  125. anumks Says:

    another one

  126. High Strangeness Altoona Says:

    test it out

  127. jona Says:

    testing testing 123

  128. mickeyjuice Says:


  129. Marc Drees Says:


  130. Prueba Says:

    1, 2, 3 Testing

  131. Ivo Says:

    this is a test for comments

  132. atheistperspective Says:


  133. los sueños de la razón Says:


  134. Micah Says:

    testing 1…2…3

  135. aryst Says:

    found cocomment on nia blog…me2ultimate.com

  136. Eduardo Says:

    Probando Cocomment

  137. Nick Nichols Says:


  138. macartist Says:

    testing this service

  139. macartist Says:

    Checking this service out!

  140. moblgrl Says:

    cocomment came highly recommended, so I’m anxious to try it out.

  141. tonatan Says:


  142. Anthony Powell Says:

    This is a fascinating service. I want to thank Cool Cat Teacher for mentioning your service in her blog.

  143. ROBERT Says:

    yeah it’s really cool.

  144. Rachel Boyd Says:

    Hello, I am testing this feature

  145. Me Says:

    The quick brown fox

  146. Me Says:

    jumps over

  147. tuckahoe Says:


  148. Luiz Algarra Says:

    É isso mesmo!

  149. Zac Says:

    bello bello

  150. Casey Says:


  151. Az Says:

    This is a test

  152. Az Says:

    This is test 2

  153. mirakel Says:

    Er det ikke rart hvordan enkelte mennesker er så vakre at deres glød smitter over på deg?

  154. jerico Says:


  155. Carla Says:

    test test

  156. pontocom Says:

    testing the comments by pontocom

  157. nanami Says:


  158. enSue Says:

    Comment tracking is a very interesting and useful service. I’ve tried co.mments.com and was (and am) happy with it, but found I often forgot to hit the bookmarklet to track a conversation. Having the Firefox extension makes keeping track of comments so much easier.

  159. testrus Says:

    test from russia

  160. Frøken Makeløs Says:


  161. Anonymous Says:

    lets see

  162. Anonymous Says:


  163. Lino Says:

    Testando o Co-Comment

  164. human resources Says:


  165. Baz L Says:


    Baz L
    Day In The Life of Baz

  166. Baz L Says:

    one more time….

    Baz L
    Day In The Life of Baz

  167. ejel Says:

    I wonder whether cocomment works with my comment? WordPress seems to work however I have problem with several other blogs / forums.

  168. brunowiz Says:

    Youpi je suis Français . Je vais utiliser coComment. C’est super mon COCO !

  169. Techsplorer Says:

    So far this seems very easy!

  170. wj test Says:

    testing on July 4th

  171. wj test Says:

    comments 2

  172. makuma Says:

    I am thrilled to see this working! What a delight!

  173. makuma Says:

    I am thrilled so see this working! What a delight… 🙂

  174. Kayla Says:

    All you need is love

  175. mentorj Says:

    The article says to say more than just “test,” but that’s all I’m doing so…test.

  176. William Tully Says:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vivamus fringilla nulla vitae ligula. Nulla gravida est quis diam elementum nonummy. Curabitur pede nibh, mollis in, pharetra eget, hendrerit sit amet, libero. Nam facilisis. Nullam sapien. Donec faucibus, mi id blandit feugiat, tellus neque dapibus odio, sit amet egestas justo risus tempus urna. Suspendisse vel sem sit amet lacus pulvinar porta. Nunc nibh elit, rutrum eget, egestas eu, dignissim nec, sapien. Cras lacinia, mi nec faucibus pulvinar, nulla erat pulvinar lorem, sed ultrices magna risus non sapien. Vivamus massa ligula, lacinia vel, scelerisque vel, egestas eget, diam. Nam ornare mi at lorem. Phasellus non libero.

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  177. Anonymous Says:

    testing cocomment

  178. Mariana Says:

    Probando cocomment

  179. fede Says:


  180. Janette Toral Says:

    just testing.

  181. Ignatius Reilly Says:

    Testing, Testing… Go, go, go!

  182. Mike Cuevas Says:

    Vamos a probar esta exrension de CO, parece bien, ahora veremos los resultados.

  183. Midnight Fairy Says:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  184. faraox Says:

    Algo de originalidad1

  185. Ronron Says:


  186. Nicolás Says:

    Comment test

  187. Anonymous Says:

    testing one two three

  188. Vadim Says:

    I’d like to thank the developers of this service.
    Especially if it’s actually working.

  189. sfasdfga Says:


  190. rubenkane Says:

    here we goooo.

  191. hoemro Says:


    I’d like to thank the developers of this service.
    Especially if it’s actually working.
    # sfasdfga Says:
    July 5th, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    # rubenkane Says:
    July 5th, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    here we goooo.

  192. dgsinclair Says:


  193. Jouleman Says:

    Just a little Test

  194. Doppiafila Says:

    Test, of course….

  195. ThatGayConservative Says:


  196. mago Says:

    This is a test

  197. cabalasvirtuales Says:

    Probando coComment

  198. Ítalo de Paula Pinto Says:

    Testando o coComment.

  199. Anonymous Says:


  200. ay Says:

    wazzzzzz up?

  201. atheistperspective Says:

    testing 123

  202. raul suescun Says:


  203. CeeCi Says:

    It’s a beautiful day!

  204. JPMartin Says:

    Worthy to try!

  205. kokoloko Says:

    who sent you

  206. unnikrishna Says:

    I just became a member and as shoen in the instructions I am testing out the modes operandi

  207. unnikrishna Says:

    read “shown’ for ‘shoen’ in my earlier statement.thanks

  208. Remo Says:


  209. Anonymous Says:

    Keaner testing

  210. sergisonic Says:


  211. Kris Says:


  212. lynnae71 Says:


  213. Atypik Says:


  214. Mark Says:


  215. Harrison Says:


  216. lovestreams Says:

    Hi there !

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    test a vuota

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  222. Anonymous Says:

    ses bir iki üç ses…

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  224. becs027 Says:

    HI there! 🙂

  225. lesha_ru Says:

    looks like a nice test 🙂

  226. Roope Mokka Says:

    this is a test, i hope it works

  227. Blog Bloke Says:

    Testing 1, 2, 3… beeeeeeep!

  228. fosk Says:

    Primo (co)commento di prova

  229. molivo Says:


  230. missy Says:


  231. Mike Says:

    lets see how this puppy works

  232. Anonymous Says:

    brass monkey

  233. Adam Says:


  234. Adam Metz Says:

    Testing, 1….2….3.

  235. Edoardo Says:

    Prova del test – mac

  236. Oh, The Joys Says:


  237. Lis Says:

    I just had a tuna sandwich.

  238. ant Says:


  239. The King Says:

    blah blah

  240. lmnop Says:

    nothing to see here

  241. Ritesh Says:

    all your base

  242. Hugo Says:

    yee haw

  243. Hugo Says:


  244. lbwbl Says:

    Thought I’d check this out. Greetings!

  245. Mike Says:

    Testes…1, 2, 3?!?

  246. scozzarin Says:

    Just testing…

  247. angelgris Says:

    testintg testing 1234 testing…

  248. susan Says:

    just a small test here

  249. Ryan Says:

    Test 1 2 3

  250. Michael Says:

    testing, 1, 2, 3…

  251. Wonder Woman Says:

    This is perty cool.

  252. Arun Says:

    Testing CoComments!

  253. Jey Says:


  254. antonioJ Says:


  255. Check out PayScroll.com Says:

    Discover your worth! Join the PayScroll community now!

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  257. johnk Says:


  258. Zawodny Jeremy Says:

    My reencarnation testing device

  259. Милан Динић Says:

    Maybe someone wants to visit my blog? I wonder if someone will delete this comment 🙂

  260. Gem Says:


  261. Andrea Says:


  262. labea Says:


  263. Johann Says:


  264. Kolya Says:

    This is a test

  265. Glenn Says:

    testing this crap

  266. Bush Mackel Says:


  267. Bush Mackel Says:


  268. pbandj Says:


  269. Bruno Godoi Says:

    CoComment. testando…

  270. andrea Says:


  271. unanada Says:


  272. samra Says:

    انا مش بتاعة الكلام ده

  273. آمنة Says:

    This is a test

  274. dadac123 Says:

    test it!

  275. dadac123 Says:

    another test!

  276. dadac123 Says:

    test again!

  277. dadac123 Says:

    why I can’t!

  278. styropor Says:


  279. dadac123 Says:

    time time can it be?!

  280. dadac123 Says:

    are u always kiding

  281. آمنة Says:

    you will be informed of new coments here if someone else commented after you. you will be informed by the red envelope.

  282. dadac123 Says:

    thank u ~
    I’ve try it in Maxthon ,but I can’t make it so I tried so much 😦
    now I’ve got it in Firefox 🙂
    but it seems a little different from blog to coversation,
    for example ,I can’t see the 5 comment I post before 🙂
    little puzzled…..

  283. Urban Says:

    Just a test!

  284. Chazy Says:

    Beezy Kreezy You gave me a drank guzzle fo shizzle

  285. Fredrik Says:


  286. dan leone Says:

    What happens now

  287. mmm Says:


  288. yasmine Says:

    testing, rockstars!

  289. Ronron Says:


  290. hsnksy Says:


  291. Anonymous Says:

    what a test

  292. vner Says:

    test again

  293. Shayon Says:

    Wish it worked for Opera and Firefox 2.0 too!! 😦

  294. tgyjfg Says:


  295. tom Says:

    Testing this comment, testing testing 123

  296. Mark Goodyear Says:

    Another reason to use Mozilla. This service seems essential for anyone trying to manage a blog network.

  297. Grace Says:


  298. simplex Says:


  299. Ken Says:

    Hello world.

  300. Richard Says:

    Just testing this. Looks pretty cool.

  301. puppyhugger Says:


  302. acsJerry Says:

    donations, fund raising, benefit

  303. Morgan Says:

    Yay, a comment! 😀

  304. IngaOz Says:

    Heya, I’m testing here 😀

  305. edavis Says:


  306. edavis Says:


  307. PJ Says:

    la la la testing

  308. Martin Neumann Says:

    testing 1, 2 ,3

  309. Chris Says:


  310. arkix Says:

    pues probando cocomment

  311. eeee Says:


  312. eeee Says:


  313. wu zhiyong Says:


  314. fibercool Says:

    esto es una prueba

  315. Anonymous Says:

    ca marche?

  316. southerngirlmusings Says:


  317. southerngirlmusings Says:

    testing again

  318. Scott Says:

    People are getting a tad testy around here don’t ya think?

  319. Anonymous Says:

    Teat 🙂

  320. ay Says:


  321. ay Says:

    another one

  322. ay Says:

    another test

  323. ay Says:


  324. ay Says:


  325. Anonymous Says:

    prova abo

  326. Sasha Says:


  327. Tatyana Says:


  328. Frenchmat Says:

    Alors, est-ce que ça marche, ce truc ?

  329. dnathe4th Says:


  330. Minneapolise Says:


  331. ff Says:


  332. Steve Says:


  333. dhammond Says:

    I think I’m good to go now.

  334. Tset Says:


  335. JEREMY Says:


  336. Bryan Says:


  337. Blackblade Says:

    I know this is a test blog but surely someone can come up with a slightly more interesting comment than ‘Testing’ !

    Where’s the creativity, the humour and the inventiveness ???

  338. Jane Delmage Says:


  339. Suvi-Tuuli Mäki-Asiala Says:

    Rare people taste good. That’s why I became a cook.

  340. blogmunch Says:


  341. blogmunch Says:


  342. adriano Says:

    provo provo e provo

  343. wyctim Says:


  344. The Watcher Says:

    Test test test

  345. Anonymous Says:


  346. dfdfdf Says:


  347. test Says:


  348. tek428 Says:

    cocomment testation!

  349. Mario Eme Says:

    Probando probando

  350. ליאור Says:

    comment 😀

  351. ליאור Says:

    comment again

  352. Adam Metz Says:

    This is my second test comment.

  353. Adam Metz Says:

    This is my third test comment.

  354. Terence Chang Says:

    WOW… following the crowd …

    Can I see this? 😉

  355. Andrew Odlum Says:

    This is my test. It seems to be working.

  356. Natron Says:


  357. Natron Says:

    yo this working?

  358. Eran Says:

    I think I am a walrus

  359. Webby Says:

    This is another test.

  360. Bleh Says:

    Cocomment is awesome!

  361. BigNerd Says:

    I’m #361! I’m #361!!

    Yeee frigin’ haww!

  362. Dan Says:


  363. whypaisley Says:

    just dropping in for a test comment….

  364. Sean Says:

    test comment 🙂

  365. Anonymous Says:


  366. John Says:


  367. lindsay Says:


  368. af Says:


  369. new comment Says:


  370. Bobus Says:


  371. Greg Says:

    Testing coComment

  372. Kevin Makice Says:

    Anxious to see how this all works …

  373. josh Says:


  374. Christoph Wagner Says:

    Testing cocomment beta:)

  375. Nathan Says:


  376. caroline Says:


  377. soda Says:


  378. iz Says:


  379. Doc Says:

    Ashley is a goofball

  380. Mark Avey Says:

    Testing testing

  381. jibz Says:


  382. Mark Avey Says:

    Another test

  383. Mark Avey Says:


  384. Doc Says:

    still a goofball

  385. wbohlmann Says:

    Das ist interessant!

  386. Whynot Says:


  387. Vinay Says:

    My first cocomment comment !

  388. Vinay Says:

    My second cocomment comment !

  389. Andy C Says:

    East Fife 4 Forfar 5

  390. Anonymous Says:


  391. ddd Says:


  392. agentbleu Says:


  393. agentbleu Says:

    great documentary site

  394. agentbleu Says:

    its a little buggy on the sign up image val;idation capatils? i thought you could keep it so you did not loose the people talking to the main site. the tracking does not seem to bring up more than the main link of the conversation? i guess you go back to the site for that

  395. REply ID Says:

    Here is my commenet

  396. dobata Says:

    test comment

  397. nomkt3 Says:

    This is a test

  398. Radi Shourbaji Says:

    Yet another in the long line of test comments to see what it dows…

  399. Mattias Says:

    This is my first comment

  400. bertier Says:


  401. arammos Says:

    test test test

  402. tpedler Says:

    hello world

  403. manganite Says:

    Hi everyone 🙂

  404. manganite Says:

    Hi again!

  405. James Says:


  406. zoujing Says:


  407. James Says:

    test 2

  408. zoujing Says:

    test 3,aha~

  409. Rory Says:

    just a test

  410. zoujing Says:

    i come to test,please respond me,thank you

  411. Graeme Says:

    hello testing world!

  412. Jarrett Says:


  413. Tamlyn Rhodes Says:


  414. yippee Says:


  415. murphyz Says:

    A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack.

    “Miss Whack, I’d like to get a £30,000 loan to take a holiday.”

    Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it’s okay, he knows the bank manager.

    Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some collateral.
    The frog says, “Sure. I have this,” and produces a tiny porcelain elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed.

    Very confused, Patty explains that she’ll have to consult with the bank manager and disappears into a back office.

    She finds the manager and says, “There’s a frog called Kermit Jagger out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow £30,000, and he wants to use this as collateral.”

    She holds up the tiny pink elephant. “I mean, what in the world is this?”

    The bank manager looks back at her and says…

    “It’s a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan, His old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

  416. Mark Says:

    Thanks murphyz. Glad we get some meaningful comments after all this test, test, test…

  417. patrick Says:

    there we go

  418. Kellie Says:


  419. Scavella Says:

    not testing just playing

  420. Rebecca Says:


  421. smallfox Says:

    follow me! 😉

  422. James Says:

    test in firefox

  423. Rebecca Says:

    Testing AGAIN

  424. Derick Says:

    Just a test.

  425. Narfmaster Says:

    This is a tester message. Hurray!

  426. leckomio Says:

    Ti Ta Testestest

  427. Mike Says:


  428. Mike Says:


  429. Justin Says:

    the sauce is the BOSS!

  430. Rolling Talks Says:

    new kid on the blog

  431. Sean Says:

    Testing a comment with a share.

  432. Ed Says:

    a longer word than test

  433. Nels Says:

    Testing cocomment…

  434. Rolling Talks Says:

    new kid on the blog bis

  435. Nels Says:

    I tested before, but it didn’t show up.

  436. arnault Says:


  437. roli Says:


  438. Ellen Says:

    This is my test comment. Exciting isn’t it.

  439. Ellen Says:

    I think I did something wrong so I’m leaving another comment.

  440. Ellen Says:

    Ok, I am trying one more time.

  441. Eric Says:

    This is a test comment for coComment

  442. John Says:

    coComment! Interesting idea

  443. John Says:

    Doesnt work?

  444. Mihir Says:


  445. taotakashi Says:

    too many comment here, cannot read them all!

  446. Yo mismo Says:

    Esta es una prueba

  447. joulu Says:

    Hey ho!

  448. as Says:


  449. Tom Says:


  450. dae Says:


  451. Elliot Says:

    here’s another test

  452. Pat Moroney Says:

    slaps mike, onnneee, two, onnnnnne, two

  453. Fabio Bracht Says:

    Testando, testando, um, dois três, vinte… Yo!

  454. Zhu Says:

    just testing

  455. sarah Says:


  456. Max Says:


  457. fred Says:


  458. karen@engage-corp.com Says:


  459. drcursor Says:

    2o teste

  460. Martin Says:

    This seems like a nice feature!

  461. hazan Says:

    Test test polska

  462. Shazzer Says:

    Checking out the test blog.

  463. James Says:


  464. James Says:

    CoComment script could not be loaded.

    Please try again later or check on localhost for possible maintenance

  465. watha2020 Says:

    Does this work?

  466. lyndon Says:


  467. Robert Says:

    this is a test

  468. Ashish Says:

    blah blah blah……blah

  469. James Says:

    Testing in IE7

  470. Gabriela Sellart Says:


  471. rw Says:


  472. JediWright Says:

    Testing, testing (my beta access got locked up after installing the “simple” extension, so I signed up through the non-beta site here) 1, 2, 3.

  473. PenGuiNs Says:

    Yeah im testing this… here it goes

  474. PenGuiNs Says:


  475. Bentley Says:

    Here i come

  476. David Wayne Says:


  477. one Says:


  478. caomai Says:

    a random thought for consideration

  479. Jane Nicholls Says:

    No test, because I believe the children are our future

  480. Kyle Says:

    This is an example –

  481. Anto Says:

    Ohj oh oh !!!

  482. Anto Says:

    ah ah ah !

  483. Anto Says:


  484. Amit Says:

    cocomment is cool

  485. julien Says:

    moi aussi je teste en direct d’Avignon!

  486. julien Says:

    raté je reteste…

  487. popeye Says:

    well okay, let me test it too 🙂

  488. Pierre Says:

    testing new cocomment

  489. aoeking2 Says:

    test tset!

  490. aoeking2 Says:


  491. Alex Says:

    Bannière Flash

  492. Pierre Says:

    test again

  493. Pierre Says:


  494. gene Says:


  495. Stark Says:


  496. DavidW Says:

    test test testy test.

  497. Kris Says:

    Love the idea of CoComment, just awesome.

  498. Jason Says:

    Your mom

  499. crake Says:


  500. Dustin Says:


  501. Yunho Says:

    test by yunho

  502. hanhdb Says:

    yeah great service

  503. dziadzie Says:

    test by dziadzie

  504. craran Says:




  505. aaa Says:

    hello world! from me.

  506. gogreener Says:

    Leaving a comment now…

  507. Nando Says:


  508. Chris Poteet Says:


  509. lapine Says:

    this is a test comment

  510. HI this is a teste cpomment Says:

    Testing comentaries

  511. HI this is a teste cpomment Says:

    hello, this is a comment made by me – marcelospaiva

  512. driko Says:


  513. melado Says:


  514. ijhjhk Says:


  515. Avinash Says:

    It works!

  516. Asa Dotzler Says:

    Is this thing on?

    – A

  517. Nackle Says:

    How it work?

  518. fM Says:

    does it work?


  519. irak Says:

    im testing cocoment ok ?

  520. Andrew Zen Says:

    Only the All Blacks should be allowed to do the Haka. No one else. Never. Especially not drunk buffoons overseas on their Big OEs.

  521. james Says:

    so does Harry Potter die or not? one can only hope so

  522. Stephen Olsen Says:

    Testing the coCommentator!

  523. Stephen Olsen Says:

    bookmarklet is not working… for me: The coComment script could not be loaded! Please try again later or check on localhost for possible maintenance.

  524. Szavanna Says:

    Greetings from szavanna.co.za! Hope you are having a great day!

  525. Paige Says:

    cha cha cha

  526. Paige Says:

    testing, testing, one two three four.

  527. ResearchWizard Says:

    yet a simple test

  528. MOCO Says:


  529. Anonym Says:


    Just checking…

  530. Yander Says:

    One more test

  531. Yander Says:

    Damn, I forgot to push the bookmarklet button first!

  532. fsasfa Says:


  533. YRDY Says:

    This is a test post!

  534. TEST Says:


  535. TEST Says:


  536. Cle` Says:


  537. sdaf Says:


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  540. William Says:


  541. William Says:


  542. TKS Says:


  543. CCS Says:


  544. simono Says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party

  545. gmaster Says:

    is this working?

  546. Loz Says:


  547. Loz Says:

    test again

  548. milk Says:

    testing 123

  549. breezie Says:

    testing 1 2 3 4 5

  550. Keith Says:

    keith`s Test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  551. Sasha Says:

    nu nu…

  552. sammy Says:

    wouldn’t work in blogger

  553. sebastien20 Says:

    gia na doume..

  554. A*J* Says:


  555. Annesoep Says:

    Poehhhh poepoe dat duurde lang voordat mijn vertaalknobbel in beweging kwam!!!….

  556. Annesoep Says:

    …snap er nix van mag dat???

  557. Nicklas Says:


  558. jozzer Says:


  559. Mike Barton Says:

    just testing this baby out

  560. Pendullum Says:

    560 comment… and first test….

  561. Pendullum Says:

    Let’s try this again for a lucky 561

  562. Anonymous Says:

    Test This cocomment feature

  563. Vikram Rajan Says:

    well, I’ll be adding this as a widget to my blog. Egotistically, and factually, I’ve been thinking, “boy, this comment is really worthwhile… my readers should see this!” 🙂

    And now (hopefully), they can! The more I self-promote better, the better my readers can!

    ~ Vik Rajan

  564. lowlywhisper Says:


  565. manamex Says:


  566. njoyz Says:


  567. Anonymous Says:


  568. Macoco Says:


  569. Dominixz.com Says:

    Test ครับ

  570. wät Says:

    test firefox add-on

  571. Sean Howard Says:


  572. briwei Says:

    This is a test of the coComment broadcasting system.

  573. Mike Arsenault Says:

    This is one amazing blog comment.

  574. Melancholia Says:

    Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat van deze test

  575. k Says:


  576. Roger Anderson Says:

    comment number 576

  577. Wordhewer Says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their parties.

    Oh, yes indeed.

  578. motd Says:


  579. David Cohen Says:

    This is a test comment.

  580. Scott-O-Rama Says:

    I’m hoping this service will simplify keeping track of the comments I leave.

  581. Keith Says:

    keith`s test 2007 !

  582. varometro Says:

    just a stupid test comment

  583. zhaiduo Says:

    that’s cool

  584. varometro Says:

    just a second stupid test comment.

  585. Rogelio Says:


  586. Akhil Sasidharan Says:

    Test Comment.

  587. Steve Says:


  588. ceipquintela Says:

    Probando, probando

  589. hayat Says:


  590. SOSO Says:


  591. Morgan Says:

    hello me

  592. Morgan Says:

    silly girl

  593. Sotto Says:


  594. aaa Says:


  595. EMi Says:


  596. Beaman Says:


  597. lifewhispers Says:


  598. Gianni Dominici Says:

    Provo come funziona questo coso

  599. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea, yes

  600. Marieke Says:

    let’s test it!

  601. donuzz Says:

    hello test

  602. influxus Says:


  603. aQuaVerTus Says:

    Test ja

  604. Composition Doll Says:

    just testing

  605. Composition Doll Says:

    pame alli mia

  606. santi_monse Says:

    I’d like to thank the developers of this service.
    Especially if it’s actually working.

  607. George Says:

    If this works, I’m going to be so happy. I’ve been waiting for a service like this.

  608. Bob Says:

    Looks pretty cool. Feel free to come over to my blog and let’s try the conversation!

  609. Sheila Says:

    this is a test, of course.

  610. kurotepu Says:


  611. kurotepu Says:


  612. won't say Says:

    hoo haa!

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  617. tony Says:

    im testing the comment

  618. tony Says:

    work wok wrok

  619. JaViS Says:

    this is a fucking test

  620. Jan Says:


  621. anjab Says:

    1,2,3, test en nog een test en nog een test……

  622. arthuran Says:

    This is a test comment. (English)
    ทดสอบการโพสข้อความ (Thai)

  623. hombrelobo Says:

    Pero como … ¿ probando una prueba ?

  624. iomeneandrei Says:

    solo una prova

  625. pio!!! Says:

    ouuuuu yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  626. purplemoonstar Says:


  627. Raphael Says:

    Test d’un commentaire

  628. scalvert Says:


  629. Sic Says:


  630. mario romero Says:

    test this is cool

  631. Andre Says:


  632. FloraLee Says:


  633. not sure Says:


  634. Nav Says:


  635. Robert Says:

    Trying it out…

  636. Andrew Says:

    CoCo, congrats on the release!

  637. John Bruxy Says:

    Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  638. DV Says:

    Tastes like an orange

  639. Rory Says:


  640. Kesari Says:


  641. chilo Says:


  642. chilo Says:


  643. chlitto Says:


  644. svante Says:


  645. Tulip Says:

    Testing the bookmarklet on Camino.

  646. Isadora Says:


  647. RealityJunkie Says:


  648. DinoJo Says:


  649. Cory Says:


  650. francine hardaway Says:


  651. Nick Thomas Says:


  652. mike dunn Says:

    testing 1.2.3

  653. brVinceFMS Says:

    check test test….

  654. p0ps Says:

    hi jason, hi scoble, thanks to both for making the trail for me to find this. Maybe it’ll be a step towards the conversation net I want.

  655. Janet Clarey Says:

    testing the comments

  656. Ravi Says:

    Hi this is a test of the cocomment feature.

  657. aaron78 Says:


  658. Louis Gray Says:


  659. Steven Hodson Says:

    I wonder if this will work better than previous version

  660. Nik Butler Says:

    and the really smart thing about them asking us to comment here is they can see how many are converting from click through to usage. nice one !

  661. M Freitas Says:

    Just another test comment…

  662. HawkEyeGB Says:

    Found out about this service through Scoble’s blog. Interested to see how this thing works!

  663. HAHA Says:


  664. Andreas Sigurdsson Says:

    just a test to see how well and if it works. interesting service.

  665. testname Says:

    whats up with th dates?

  666. Des Walsh Says:

    testing now

  667. Anonymous Says:

    Testing Testing 123

  668. Bryan Price Says:

    This will be my first Cocomment, even though I’ve been involved for how many months? Sheesh!

  669. Hilde Says:

    en ook een test in het nederlands

  670. Perry Says:

    Testing the CoComment feature

  671. Sean Reiser Says:

    This is a test

  672. Matt Singley Says:

    It’s about time I tried out co-comment, I’ve been ready about it for a loooong time! Sweet.

  673. Bob Walsh Says:

    this is a test of the newly revised coComment

  674. Douglas Says:

    Testing coComment like everyone else here

  675. Douglas Says:

    Second test…

  676. linuxchic Says:

    I am a lemming

  677. Glenn Broadway Says:

    Have you heard? Corduroy Pillows… They’re making headlines!

  678. Sashidhar Kokku Says:

    Testing new comment system from co-comment.

  679. Sashidhar Kokku Says:

    Testing again

  680. xica Says:


  681. deviousdiva Says:

    So I commented…

  682. Andy Says:

    I don’t get it…

  683. shaine Says:

    This seems to have potential. I will give it a try.

  684. Robin Wauters Says:


  685. FrédéricLN Says:

    This comment is longer than “test”.

  686. Ryan Imel Says:

    Testing testing.

  687. Barry Hess Says:


  688. revtim Says:

    blah, blah….

  689. Lumpy Says:


  690. Thomas Says:

    Test of CoComments.

  691. garydenness Says:

    Testing 123

  692. David Krug Says:

    Just testing this guy out.

  693. Vivek Sonny Abraham Says:

    Hi there! Just testing out coComment. Looks good..

  694. riku Says:

    test, i am riku

  695. Anonymous Says:

    test 123

  696. tigtog Says:


  697. roy Says:

    hahahahahahaha how are you doing?

  698. minahara Says:

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  699. Ilaria Says:


  700. Frank Says:

    testing testing

  701. Frank Says:

    another one

  702. trinux Says:

    a ver esto es una prueba con Epiphay

  703. trinux Says:

    a ver esto es una prueba con Epiphany

  704. GalassoGuitars Says:

    Just testing 🙂

  705. Frank Says:


  706. Anonymous Says:


  707. tmonkey Says:


  708. daZ Says:


  709. Garry Says:

    A test of cocomment on their test blog.

  710. Garry Says:

    Is this supposed to show up right away, or is there a delay?

  711. Natalia Says:

    I’m so glad someone finally created a tool like this.

  712. ron Says:


  713. trent Says:


  714. patrickj Says:

    test test test

  715. Arfeen Says:


  716. Arfeen Says:


  717. Kevin Makice Says:

    Trying this again … bingo!

  718. Edy Says:

    Sexy is my middle name!….not really, but my middle name starts with S so Sexy is close enough

  719. Edy Says:


  720. dsfasdf Says:


  721. El Gigante Verdoso Says:

    Test comment 🙂

  722. unwiredbrain Says:

    Testin’ it… Will it work?

  723. unwiredbrain Says:

    Testin’ again… The other one seems that didn’t worked…

  724. unwiredbrain Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Here we go! Works! 🙂

  725. 2131212 Says:


  726. hdiue Says:


  727. Nick Says:


  728. antonde Says:

    commentint with cocomment

  729. antonde Says:

    now with extension installed

  730. natsyl Says:

    Test Καλή μέρα

  731. Tommy David Says:

    Provola (ragusana).

  732. Skylo Says:


  733. tototoolco Says:

    That new browser extension is neat!

  734. IlDuca Says:


  735. Peter Says:

    Test, test, test

  736. fakeyou Says:


  737. NakedBiff Says:

    Testing 1-2-3

  738. how Says:

    yet another test post

  739. Notme Says:


  740. Mixa-Blog.org.ua Says:

    тестуємо цю шнягу для коментарів

  741. ViT Says:

    ok, just another seo link

  742. bobbykircher Says:

    Paging Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk.

  743. Benjamin Kudria Says:

    Just a test comment

  744. justmarketing Says:

    lets all test the cocomment thingy and work out what it does

  745. MarvSmith Says:


  746. brian g Says:

    thanks for the demo at the TC party

  747. JB Says:


  748. Shauna Axton Says:

    testing testing

  749. FazendoArte Says:


  750. FazendoArte Says:


  751. FazendoArte Says:


  752. Michelle Says:

    checking to see if this works.

  753. Lisa Says:

    what a fabulous thing

  754. Lisa Says:

    test test testing again

  755. sunilbajpai Says:

    I’ve come back to co-comment after several months of absence. Hope it works better now!

  756. Ilaria Says:

    testing v2

  757. John Says:

    just testing

  758. brnaeem Says:

    this is a test from me

  759. brnaeem Says:

    another test

  760. sandralee Says:

    here I am.
    Can this be shown in my page?

  761. Ma Yuxi Says:

    Testing comments…


  762. siergiej Says:

    Testing Testing

  763. nourishing Says:


  764. slackermommy Says:

    Very cool!

  765. KRISS Says:


  766. luuk Says:

    This is a test!

  767. sorbetcafe Says:


  768. someone Says:


  769. EJ Says:

    This is a coComment test.

  770. allioli Says:

    hola caracola

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  772. Anonymous Says:

    bDonec gravida varius ante. Duis at est. Donec ut dolor. Donec id nisl. Praesent id nisi sit amet eros tempor condimentum. Sed ut sapien nec est ullamcorper suscipit. Aliquam ante augue, convallis ac, egestas a, interdum a, massa. Ut a massa. Donec ac quam. Vestibulum laoreet mi id metus. Aliquam eu ipsum sit amet dolor scelerisque consectetuer. Maecenas eget nibh.

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  773. avandalay Says:

    coComment Test

  774. Vivek Says:

    Sed quis ligula a leo laoreet aliquet. Aliquam ullamcorper elit ac risus. Maecenas erat neque, malesuada volutpat, malesuada at, fermentum ut, augue. Nam congue mauris quis sapien. Aenean vulputate nisl sit amet massa aliquet porttitor

  775. Shivanand Velmurugan Says:

    just a test for a web comment using cocomment

  776. Paul Fabretti Says:

    tell me scoble is wrong and it all works fine!

  777. newfoundnoise82 Says:


  778. Pingui Says:

    Ca marche ? 🙂

  779. thomashan Says:

    testing 1.2. 3

  780. Christoph Says:

    Test 🙂

  781. David Novakovic Says:

    test 🙂

  782. Magical Droplets Says:

    testing testing 1 2 3 testing

  783. jason Says:


  784. pammia Says:


  785. pammia Says:

    this page intentionally left blank

  786. dotcomdog Says:


  787. Mark Wiseman Says:

    This looks as if it will keep me well organised

  788. hase2000 Says:

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  789. hase2000 Says:


  790. XmasB Says:

    dum di dum

  791. Rav Casley Gera Says:


  792. Klaus Eck Says:

    Mein erster cocomment-Eintrag…

  793. Qx Says:

    Aquí estoy de nuevo…

  794. Rachel Says:


  795. presveva Says:


  796. brightfeather Says:

    this is a test comment

  797. blah blah blah Says:

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  798. Robert Scoble Says:

    Scoble is here!

  799. Edgar Barrera Says:

    And ebarrera is here!

  800. johnny Says:

    testing testing

  801. James Dasher Says:

    I’m testing now, hmmm interesting concept

  802. Tim Coyne Says:


  803. oRi0n Says:

    Testing new extension and new site…

  804. Ben Says:

    Testing coComment v2.0

  805. xxxx Says:


  806. Rafe Says:

    TEsting lalalalalal

  807. illya arnet-clark Says:

    Thank you for upgrading

  808. Piotr Says:

    test – cocotest

  809. jason Says:

    trying this puppy out

  810. Lawsy Says:

    I heard if you post here you will get laid and a bigger penis? Is this is a test?

  811. tomawesome Says:

    test comment on cocomment blog cocotest.wordpress.com. lets see who responds next or what?

  812. tomawesome Says:

    my last comment did not appear. do I have to be logged in first?

  813. emueses Says:


  814. Rick Lugari Says:

    This is not a test

  815. eugrito Says:


  816. Dave Says:

    The only attitude worthy of a superior man is to persist in an activity he recognizes as useless…

    Fernando Pessoa

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    if this works…kick ass… testing for second time though..

  854. fazendo Says:

    try again

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  862. CerebralDebris Says:

    Rotting from the inside,
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  920. kyle Says:

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    There are rules for learning the art:

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    4. Know the principles of the crafts.
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  948. Pratham Says:

    Why doesn’t this record something?

  949. cissy Says:


  950. davidlind Says:

    This is only a test and we are all safe.

  951. Tiny Says:


  952. Stefan Says:

    Sidan äntligen laddad, testar att skriva då

  953. Stefan Says:

    …och en gång till

  954. ihae Says:

    alles testen

  955. test Says:


  956. qwersex Says:


  957. iagree Says:


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    document.write(‘joe@’ + ‘joemaller.com’)

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  963. ata Says:


  964. roni Says:


  965. tcoffey Says:

    Third time’s a charm?

  966. Stephane Grenier Says:


  967. Anonymous Says:


  968. keoki Says:

    new test

  969. Stuart Reid Says:


  970. Dog Names Says:


  971. Maya Says:

    still trying to get it to work.

  972. Anonymous Says:

    xx test

  973. tomoaki Says:


  974. Caroline OBannon Says:


  975. tortoise Says:

    Now, I wonder… ?

  976. tortoise Says:

    Third time lucky?

  977. Hypnotique Says:

    Test… Hmmmmmm, mine’s not working either 😐

  978. Hypnotique Says:

    Ok again? testinggggggggggggggg

  979. Cory Glauner Says:

    Testing this coComment thingy…

  980. me Says:


  981. Jessica Says:


  982. tangi Says:


  983. tangi Says:

    test 2

  984. kylie Says:

    Think. Act. Go Green!

  985. Peter Says:


  986. Peter Says:

    Testing CoComment

  987. Peter Says:


  988. Nicole Says:


  989. Nicole Says:


  990. Hyphen31 Says:


  991. Anna I. Says:


  992. David Kartuzinski Says:

    This is a test to see if cocomment is working.

  993. dumby Says:


  994. mev Says:

    just to try 😉

  995. James from Online Marketing Strategies Says:

    this is a test comment

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