test coComment here

Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

  1. Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
  2. a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
  3. Submit the comment on the blog as usual

If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

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Note: It can happen that your message is caught by Akismet, the anti-spam engine, as a spam so please add a longer comment than “test” 🙂


1,477 Responses to “test coComment here”

  1. dondado Says:

    venga pues lo pruebo, aunque en los blogs de wordpress.com ya puedes tener agrupados todos los mensajes que has dejado

  2. emporas Says:

    very good add-on

  3. radiohode Says:

    Just testing

  4. Robert Franklin Says:

    Hello World! Can’t help myself from doing that!

  5. Robert Franklin Says:

    test two

  6. Kami Huyse Says:

    I sure hope that installing this for the third time will be a charm, the promise of keeping up my end of the conversation is a big one.

  7. Rick Lugari Says:

    Will it work this time?

  8. Kristina Says:

    Hi: Thank you for trying coComment. As you may have noticed, in the last couple of days we were transitioning to a new version, coComment V2 Beta, we encountered some technical issues, not too uncommon for major product updates like this one. In an effort to eliminate as many issues as possible, we did a private beta test program first. With that, we are working very hard to solve any of the existing issues and make the service as error-free as possible. As some of the potential bugs may have not been detected yet, and we WANT to hear about any problems, comments, issues that you may be experiencing. This is precisely why we released a Beta version of the product. Please feel free to send you feedback to info@cocomment.com and we WILL respond promptly to resolve them. Thanks again! The coComment Team

  9. chronicler Says:

    What the heckm is that little blue box with the up and down arrows in my right hand corner?

  10. Thomas Says:

    OK, let’s see how this works!

  11. themos Says:

    m uhahahahahah!

  12. Brendt Says:

    test comment from bw

  13. gpessia Says:


  14. Vivek Sonny Abraham Says:

    Hi there!

  15. Des Walsh Says:

    testing the upgrade

  16. Kreuz Says:

    Why English?

  17. ABC Says:


  18. gargrulla Says:

    Nice, how much?

  19. fazendoarte Says:


  20. fazendoarte Says:

    i try and try and it doesn’t work

  21. fazendoarte Says:

    try again

  22. fazendo Says:

    don’t work yet

  23. fazendo Says:

    what happen?

  24. Ilaria Says:

    Let us make a test.

  25. miki Says:

    Just testing

  26. Steve Trefethen Says:


  27. Martin Says:


  28. bmjapan Says:


  29. Rodrigo Says:

    Testing coComment

  30. ROY Says:

    this is not good

  31. Stéphane Says:


  32. Stéphane Says:

    For FON users… we should desactivate Cocomment when we use maps.fon.com ;-( so I hope that Cocomment will not interfact in a bad way in other website…

  33. morinn Says:

    hello 😛

  34. The Eyewitness Says:


  35. The Eyewitness Says:

    I hope it works…

  36. Michael Says:

    Howdy – taking the test…

  37. fazendoarte Says:


  38. Prudence Says:

    Hi! Just a test comment

  39. lec Says:


  40. lec Says:


  41. heybrooklyn Says:

    lets see…

  42. lec Says:

    Again looks good !!!!!

  43. sharp end Says:

    testing for the sharp end training blog

  44. Prudence Says:

    Hello everyone!

  45. trinux Says:

    otro ejemplo, salu2

  46. amparo Says:

    hola a todos

  47. yaroshenko Says:

    testing 4321

  48. LOTGK Says:

    Yea Ok, another test.

  49. wolf Says:


  50. Anonymous Says:

    Bruenwer ewlkwkjhwr kjwehr kjwhwjk qkhjqwe

  51. Laura Says:

    this is a test…this is only a test

  52. Andrew B Says:

    ben benieuwd of coComment nu werkt

  53. Mekishiko-Noneko Says:

    After the new version is installed in my Firefox, I will give it a shot one more time.
    I hope this for the best,


  54. Anna Says:

    Testing this thing out… 🙂

  55. Anna Says:

    Now what do I do?

  56. kmartkm Says:

    Nice add-on here.

  57. Markus Tressl Says:

    testing the bookmarklet

  58. lemberg Says:


  59. lemberg Says:


  60. lemberg Says:


  61. kOoLiNuS Says:

    new test

  62. Jack Says:

    Test this

  63. Kristina Says:

    Hi! In the last few days, we’ve been working really hard to fix some of the bugs. Here is a quick update on progress with V2 Beta to date …

    1. coComment Client: we’ve reverted to using Version 1.0 Client everywhere except on the sidebar, so you should not have more site compatibility issues or errant buttons
    2. Database fix: a corruption of our database was discovered and we have now resolved this
    3. MyConversations: we reverted to ‘old’ accordion expanding design as preferred by user base, but in new look and feel
    4. Sidebar/Launcher/New coCobar: is being modified in response to user feedback (please let us know if you have more feedback)

    Again, we apologize unreservedly for any problems you’ve encountered. We are working flat out to resolve all problems as fast as we possibly can and we think, realistically, that coComment will once again be stable by the end of this week.

    Feel free to contact me at kristina@cocomment.com if you have any questions or feedback … I’d be happy to help! Kristina

  64. Arnaud Says:


  65. n3s_maniak Says:


  66. B. Says:


  67. Qx Says:

    Testeando. De nuevo, aunque he perdido un poco la fe.

  68. Marc Says:

    test 2

  69. klipper Says:


  70. Jennifer Says:

    chicka chicka yeaa. 😉

  71. Mikael Says:

    testing 1-2-3

  72. Mikael Says:

    is this working?

  73. erwin Says:

    vegetarier essen meinem essen das essen weg 😦

  74. Miss Perfect Says:

    bem, bora lá ver se esta treta funciona…

  75. nsg Says:

    A little test, for the good for mankind 🙂

  76. diamondfistwerny Says:


  77. memyselfandi Says:


  78. Nea Says:


  79. Longhand Says:


  80. verdandee Says:

    Very cool…. like the firefox addin

  81. Anonymous Says:


  82. Kaila Colbin Says:


  83. thesush24 Says:

    Cool stuff

  84. thesush24 Says:

    testing once more

  85. kelly Says:

    testing it now ..

  86. Adult Says:


  87. tom Says:


  88. la spostata Says:

    funzionerà? e basta con ‘sto inglese!

  89. graham Says:

    This is the test!

  90. Obliquepanic Says:

    yes I was wondering what the little blue box was and then I got some script error messages…

  91. faloco Says:

    testing, will it be good?

  92. lec Says:


  93. sbz Says:


  94. Tatyana Says:


  95. sbz Says:


  96. Tatyana Says:


  97. Tatyana Says:


  98. Alban Jamesse Says:

    Etudiant en E-commerce

  99. kuro Says:


  100. Dejan Says:


  101. Paul Boo Says:


  102. Paul Boo Says:


  103. test Says:


  104. diVa Says:


  105. Robert Says:


  106. Sean Reiser Says:


  107. dan c. Says:

    another test

  108. חם Says:


  109. חם Says:


  110. roma Says:


  111. Tet Says:


  112. Beth Says:


  113. hazan Says:

    testuje co comments

  114. panda Says:

    test 12345 woot!

  115. Mike Says:

    Duuude this is shweetness !!

  116. Marcus Says:


  117. Anonymous Says:


  118. Anonymous Says:


  119. salmanff Says:

    Lots of testers!

  120. salmanff Says:

    lots of testers

  121. salmanff Says:


  122. Corrado Says:


  123. Corrado Says:


  124. aghost Says:

    very good ossignor

  125. j_major Says:

    i’ve been using cocoment for a couple of months so far, but l don’t know why l have to test this thing again.

    hope it works again now

  126. Doug Haslam Says:

    trying to come back on board with the new version– let’s see…

  127. Mayogi Says:

    Hello World!


  128. shekyboy Says:

    Hello Hello Hello

  129. Ken Says:


  130. spudart Says:

    Hello world. This is my test post. Watson, do you hear me?

  131. prova Says:

    commento di prova

  132. Stegbeetle Says:

    testing rollback of extension

  133. Step Says:

    well now, let’s see how well this works. Oh yeah, and “testing”. 🙂

  134. Step Says:

    hmmm, wasn’t logged in and was never prompted. Should work a little better this time. Hope I don’t have to login each time I relaunch the ‘fox!

  135. Andigo Says:


  136. Ali Says:


  137. Ali Says:

    Whoops, helps if I read the directions. TESTING!

  138. First Generation Hip-Hop Says:


  139. Tonia Johnson Says:

    I guess the thing to do is to say “just testing”

  140. Anonymous Says:


  141. hen Says:

    come back to life cocomment~

  142. hen Says:

    come back to life cocomment~again~

  143. Cesar Sanchez Says:

    testing cocomment

  144. Ryan Says:


  145. Rav Casley Gera Says:


  146. rlp Says:


  147. Colin Says:

    Let’s see how well this works, eh?

  148. Colin Says:

    Let’s try one more time.

  149. Herbert Says:

    Und noch ein Test

  150. Jessie Rose Says:

    Just curious to see if it works;.

  151. Jessie Rose Says:

    I have to do it again

  152. reciclar Says:


  153. sparx Says:

    Another test.. yay!

  154. FazendoArte Says:

    i try and try and finaly it works!
    i think that a few days ago your site has issues
    because now i do the same way and done!

    thanks i like your cocomment a lot

  155. ufobject Says:

    blah blah

  156. FazendoArte Says:

    outro teste

  157. FazendoArte Says:

    mais outro

  158. FazendoArte Says:


  159. FazendoArte Says:

    stop tracking

  160. Teeth Maestro Says:


  161. Teeth Maestro Says:


  162. dealsend Says:


  163. test Says:


  164. test Says:

    yahooooo it workds

  165. Techno Boy Hove Says:

    This is precisely why we released a Beta version of the product.

  166. Serrin Says:

    THis is a sample commnet!

  167. dan Says:

    test test!!

  168. juan Says:

    Vamos a testear

  169. Anon Says:

    just testing

  170. FazendoArte Says:

    it’s working!!!

  171. Jørgen Says:

    Wehey, it’s working.

  172. sally Says:


  173. Simon Larsen Says:


  174. Oren Says:

    Just testing…

  175. Derek Says:

    Checking out how this thing works.

    This is definitely something I’ve been needing! It takes ages going across all the sites I’m registered with just to check up on comments. 🙂

  176. me Says:

    lets try

  177. Yoriento Says:

    Prueba Yoriento

  178. zrdz Says:


  179. zeinobia Says:


  180. FazendoArte Says:

    teste reciclar

  181. FazendoArte Says:

    teste fazendoarte

  182. zeinobia Says:

    testing again from ff

  183. FazendoArte Says:

    outro este

  184. pastorsandy Says:


  185. FazendoArte Says:


  186. farhad Says:


  187. test Says:


  188. Thomas Link Says:

    erstaunlich einfach, fall es klappt

  189. harmonicagoldfish Says:

    testing is good 🙂

  190. Yves Says:

    Could be easier… 😉

  191. Ravenmn Says:

    Tracking now

  192. Anonymous Says:

    yet another test …

  193. Crystal Says:


  194. Crystal Says:

    Gotta test again!

  195. Laura Says:

    Another Test!!!

  196. Monica Says:

    Just testing

  197. Monica Says:

    Testing only

  198. Monica Says:

    just a test

  199. Monica Says:

    I’m just testing out this tool and would like to make sure that my comment appears.

  200. Mitch Says:


  201. JAX Says:


  202. JAX Says:

    test test

  203. Tamara Says:


  204. TeacherJay Says:


  205. karwasz Says:


  206. Rick Says:


  207. Jen / domestika Says:

    just testing, like everyone else

  208. test Says:


  209. ArahMan7 Says:

    This is a test. I leave comments all over the blogosphere and I can’t keep track any of them. I hope co-Comment can track it for me.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  210. max Says:


  211. tobiaswright Says:

    this is a test

  212. tobiaswright Says:


  213. Pranab Says:


  214. Rudolf Says:

    Test comment, hello world 😉

  215. Rudolf Says:

    once again;

  216. Jason Shao Says:

    Testing this again, using the firefox extension this time.

  217. Jason Shao Says:

    Trying again with a different email address to see if it makes a difference

  218. jayshao Says:

    trying once more logged in with my wordpress username

  219. jayshao Says:

    Technorati claim — doesn’t seem to work through the control panel.

    Technorati Profile

  220. Lucas Says:


  221. Lucas Says:


  222. Anonymous Says:

    lets see if this works……………

  223. Manfred B Says:

    mal sehen ob das jetzt geht

  224. Laura Lohr Says:

    I just registered today with CoComment. I hope this is exactly what I was looking for!

  225. shackdougall Says:

    Testing. Testing. One…Two…Three

  226. yeah Says:


  227. swoosh Says:

    checking it out

  228. swoosh Says:

    lets see if it works

  229. nono Says:


  230. hijacked frequencies Says:


  231. test Says:

    testing testing

  232. test Says:

    somthing else

  233. Lou Paglia Says:

    let’s see what this does

  234. Lou Paglia Says:

    didn’t do anything

  235. Blue Momma Says:

    yes this is a test but not only a test ive nothing else to do this morning so bear with me alright

  236. Blue Momma Says:

    Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
    Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

    Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
    a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
    Submit the comment on the blog as usual
    If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
    You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

    That was easy, right? See the result, go to your perso

  237. Blue Momma Says:

    Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
    Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

    Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
    a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
    Submit the comment on the blog as usual
    If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
    You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

    That was easy, right? See the result, go to your persoyaddayaddayadda

  238. Blue Momma Says:

    This doesn’t seem to be working for me, not at all

  239. Evelyn Says:


  240. manu Says:

    giusto per provare

  241. tester Says:

    tester testing

  242. NewsAddikt Says:

    test cocomment

  243. William Says:


  244. William Says:


  245. kaeli Says:

    testing testing 123.

  246. Stormy Says:

    Hello world!

  247. Stormy Says:

    Let’s try that again. I wasn’t logged in previously.

  248. Jar G. Says:

    Probando, probando…

  249. ete Says:

    working? ^^

  250. Ursula Says:

    If CoComment works without problems by now, it sure will be a great help to me!

  251. Al Says:

    We are happy to join the coComment community.

  252. anonimo italiano Says:


  253. anonimo italiano Says:


  254. testing Says:

    for testing

  255. MInTheGap Says:

    well, we’ll see if this works

  256. MInTheGap Says:

    testing again

  257. Blue Momma Says:


  258. almostmonk Says:

    test 1 2 3 test

  259. s.o Says:

    need to read today

  260. tapis Says:


  261. whimsygal Says:


  262. almostmonk Says:


  263. toomanytribbles Says:


  264. JJ.jell n howle Says:

    ha -ya! Wah pish! —-hasan chop

  265. WhatTheFuzz Says:

    does this work…meh

  266. WhatTheFuzz Says:

    1000nth time… b/c of no scrpit block

  267. WhatTheFuzz Says:

    Faacckk where is it?

  268. JJ.jell n howle Says:


  269. WhatTheFuzz Says:

    A PAIN! w/ no script on… unblock wordpress & cocomment.. so far..

  270. bloodymandy Says:

    giving this add-on a go

  271. Erin Says:

    look at me, commenting away.

  272. Jos Says:

    this feels like sending the first telex message again. here goes!

  273. dean Says:

    testing for cocomment

  274. dean Says:

    oops… try that again

  275. Maria Palma Says:

    Testing! Testing!

  276. aggery Says:


  277. ArahMan7 Says:

    Can’t add Firefox extension. Here goes bookmarklet

  278. ArahMan7 Says:

    Another test, test, testing.

  279. Maephis Says:


  280. Ursula Says:

    If this promgram works as I hope, it will be a great help!

  281. cambiaelmundo Says:

    Esta es una prueba de este maldito chisme

  282. cambiaelmundo Says:

    Repetimos: Esta es una prueba de este maldito chisme

  283. Spoons Says:

    This is a test

  284. Spoons Says:

    Another Test

  285. LinkO Says:

    C’est génial, je test coComment !

  286. LinkO Says:

    Encore, c’est mieux !

  287. lithenium Says:


  288. larry247 Says:

    This looks like a killer app to me!

  289. adam Says:


  290. jlb Says:

    soit !

  291. martyna Says:

    Yeah, i’m testing it too.

  292. euh Says:

    euh dkdidndi dndinp

  293. johnsburg Says:

    http://www.a-convenient-truth.org is cool


  294. Sherry Crofut Says:

    This will be very helpful!

  295. Tore Says:

    Hejsan då

  296. Damian Says:

    Hi – just a test of the CoComment Firefox extension.

  297. mojotek Says:

    Testing testing…. 1… 2… 3… May you live long and prosper.

  298. rlp Says:

    testing testing

  299. Maya Says:


  300. Maya Says:

    test again

  301. Brom Says:

    Oh really?!

  302. Brom Says:


  303. mariana Says:


  304. mariana Says:


  305. Joost Schuur Says:

    I can has test?

  306. LaRanaBudWeisEr Says:


  307. Esther Says:


  308. zahorin Says:

    Volviendo a probar coComment.
    Ya no recuerdo porque lo dejé la primera vez.

  309. Marlosm Says:

    Meu comentário é que não tenho nada para comentar.

  310. Marlosm Says:

    Meu comentário é que não tenho nada a comentar.

  311. Liron Says:

    I like pie.

  312. riteshm Says:

    Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

  313. janet Says:


  314. TeNTiRuJo Says:

    probando 😛

  315. Moof Says:

    That’s one heck of a list of comments!!!

  316. turuncu Says:

    this is a comment. işe bak.

  317. Ursula Says:

    CoCo funkade inte på Aftonbladet nyss…

  318. test Says:


  319. div_conspiracy Says:

    checking it out.

  320. damien Says:


  321. WI Catholic Says:


  322. Donryu Says:


  323. Donryu Says:


  324. dave Says:


  325. Lavender Says:

    wondering if this will work – like everyone else posting here

  326. Lavender Says:

    Ok, what if I talk like this?

  327. Lavender Says:

    last try before giving up 😦

  328. Lavender Says:

    NO! Really this time

  329. Damian Bariexca Says:

    here’s yet another test – hope this works here, too.

  330. Lavender Says:

    Stop snickering the lot of you

  331. hsfe Says:


  332. MacAllister Says:

    testing — what a cool thing this is.

  333. 1недко Says:


  334. livercat Says:

    Интересно, работает ли это *_*”

  335. jean Says:


  336. Andreas (schweizweit.net) Says:

    Nur ein Test für schweizweit.net ;o)

  337. Grann Says:

    testing 1-2-3

  338. 123 Says:


  339. DJ Soulmate Says:

    Yeah, checking da cool feature!

  340. sixten Says:

    Preparing the comment – writing it and execute.

  341. sixten Says:

    Must remember to press the bookmarklet first…

  342. ckozus Says:

    Probando la extensión de firefox CoComment!

  343. cachuco Says:

    jeje, me vengo a probar, y a quien veo el primero???

  344. mattud Says:

    dome une prove

  345. Tim Etherington Says:

    Way out man. Now I don’t have to remember the…. uh…. those things…. that…. uh… what?

  346. solodelibros Says:

    Probando, probando…

  347. Monique Says:

    Heureuse de retrouver coComment 🙂

  348. David Westerink Says:

    Dit is maar een test 😛

  349. Angela Says:

    testing 1…2…3…

  350. embajador Says:

    probando probando

  351. Wibble Says:

    This is a test!!!

  352. blusfumato Says:

    vediamo come va ^^

  353. test Says:


  354. blutodidit Says:


  355. Pito Salas Says:


  356. arzhou (adrian) Says:


  357. freshwater Says:

    probando probando…

  358. Anonymous Says:

    testing co comment

  359. freshwater Says:

    testing 1-2-3

  360. Dan Says:

    Testing 4-5-6

  361. Heather Says:


  362. Enfermera de Noche Says:


  363. Enfermera de Noche Says:


  364. Erik Says:

    so now what?

  365. Evert Jan Says:

    Well, let’s give it a go…

  366. Arik Says:

    test comment

  367. pibua Says:

    test pibua

  368. Accius Says:

    prova prova prova

  369. Evert Jan Says:

    Hmmm…. snap er nog niet veel van geloof ik…

  370. Samuel Martin Says:

    test test

  371. vorei.una.stonsa Says:


  372. G. Mo Says:


  373. www.xblog.lx.ro Says:


  374. Erik Says:

    this should work.

  375. Rich Says:


  376. Vikram Rajan Says:

    Testing CoComment again

  377. simorame Says:


  378. Renae Says:

    I had to try again. Let’s see if this works.

  379. Baz L Says:


  380. justin Says:

  381. AtHome Says:

    Try this at home.

  382. nobody Says:


  383. Rutger Says:

    TEST 123

  384. Jarod_ Says:

    un test de plus

  385. Rebecca Levinson Says:

    Great tool, can’t wait to use it.

  386. mrnico Says:

    Allez, c’est parti pour un petit test…
    Après c’est Guinness, darts and music

  387. caccio Says:

    Ecco il mio commento di prova da FF

  388. caccio Says:

    Devo fare un’altro test con FF

  389. caccio Says:

    Ecco ora il test da IE

  390. MMM Says:

    test comment

  391. Anna Says:


  392. Mauro Turcatti Says:

    Testing Cocomment plugin for Firefox

  393. Mauro Says:

    spero che questo strunento mi sia utile

  394. Maria Elena Says:

    testing cocomment

  395. Scott Says:

    Testing coComment

  396. vladimir prieto Says:

    alguien de iquique estuvo aqui 😀

  397. Christopher Whalen Says:

    I’m curious to see how well this will integrate with Blogger.

  398. GizMecano Says:

    Let’s test.

  399. Steve Roesler Says:

    Just finished studying for the test.

  400. rag Says:

    hi im in 😉

  401. Svetlana Plotnikova Says:

    Testing, testing, testing

  402. penispansen Says:


  403. marina Says:

    This is a test. 123. 321. 😀

  404. rinaz Says:

    Another test

  405. Julio Says:

    Just testing the Firefox extension

  406. Romi Sharpe Says:

    Let’s do all of our hiding in plain site.

  407. Theo Says:


  408. Sammy Says:

    Oh, ça a l’air joli comme tout ce truc ! J’espère que c’est vraiment bien !

  409. Rebecca Says:

    I talk to the trees, but they never listen to me.
    (Stupid trees.)

  410. Danny Says:


  411. avanti Says:


  412. André Says:

    Some comments here …

  413. Silvia Says:


  414. Silvia Says:

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    Iz on your testblog, testing ur cocommentz, kthxbye

  427. Tom Griffin Says:

    Ur comments dint work! I forgot to enable dem.

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  451. Tobias E. Lampe Says:

    is this useful?

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    testing CoComment Firefox plugin

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    Testing co-comment from the Netherlands !

  461. Leo Says:

    It does not seem to work, I Probably forgot to press the bookmarklet first.

  462. Alex Says:

    I bet wordpress loves all these comments…

  463. Bradley Charbonneau Says:

    Here’s my test comment.

  464. JC Says:

    Hello c’est un test

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  489. Joanna Young Says:

    Seems like a good idea, lets give it a try.

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    here is my comment

  492. Ad Tracker Says:

    I just wanted to check out this new comment tracking site.

  493. Ad Tracker Says:

    Can’t seem to find the first one so we’ll try again. I wonder if tis blog is DoFollow 😉

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  531. Josh Says:

    This is a very unique way of getting comments, i must say 🙂

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  568. Ant Says:

    lets see what this baby can do

  569. Dragibus Says:

    Petit test comme tout le monde…

  570. Lucia Says:

    Hello! Nifty plugin. I’ll tell people about it.

  571. Bruno Says:


  572. Lucia Says:

    That didn’t seem to work.

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  581. Maurice (TheCaymanHost) Says:

    As a DoFollow blogger this seems like an ideal add on. Thankyou.

  582. Chris the wedding photographer Says:

    great idea!

  583. socuetano Says:


  584. CherylF Says:


  585. Mattia Soragni Says:

    This is a test for my account


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    I’ll think of something to put here; but not now. That would be asking too much. You can see that, can’t you?

    The sun, the sun!

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    Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
    Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

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    I’m Dutch.

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    Viele Grüße von Berlin

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  788. Shobbyoshachi Says:

    I think, therefore I am.

  789. Mortimer Says:

    Will it work this time?

  790. Unapathetic Says:


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  801. Charlene Li Says:

    This is a neat little extension.

  802. Trebonte Says:

    This service could be really useful if it works properly. I’m testing it out to see if it’ll serve my purpose 🙂

  803. malcore Says:

    only if…

  804. shawn Says:

    and one more.

  805. malcore Says:

    one good comment deserves another

  806. ChhYeah Says:


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    רק בודק

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    Hello coComment test.

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  811. AdalMe Says:

    Hola a todos. ¿Funciona?

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  819. Mortimer Says:

    well, let’s see if it works now

  820. arekdios Says:

    yeh nice nice

  821. Scott Lawton (Blogcosm) Says:

    testing coComment bookmarklet on Safari

  822. Scott Lawton (Blogcosm) Says:

    testing again after registering

  823. Scott Lawton (Blogcosm) Says:

    a very awkward setup, e.g. is the bookmarklet supposed to provide any indication that it’s ready for me to submit the comment?

  824. PG Says:

    Politicalgrind Test Comment: coComment

  825. hamid Says:

    just test

  826. Swearengen Says:


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  836. David Durick Says:

    Showing a live test of the cocomment website. We’ll see.

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  839. ascensions86 Says:


  840. linnie Says:

    Great software…just heard about it

  841. bblunar Says:


  842. uncentered Says:

    Wow… what an awesome extension… we will see how well it works.

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  844. jeffreyf Says:

    Just one small click for a man.

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  846. Hamid Says:

    Hi! This is Aftabgardan!

  847. Paul Pedersen Says:

    This better work this time.

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  849. Paul Pedersen Says:

    Let’s try it with a tag…

  850. lukadium Says:

    nice job

  851. ابوالفضل Says:


  852. Paul Pedersen Says:

    Another test after reinstalling the add-on

  853. Paul Pedersen Says:

    Test with the Bookmarlet.

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    Wow that is a lot of testing comments…including mine.

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  898. SociallyAdept Says:

    Interesting app… if it works, could be very valuable

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    Others Online shows you real people, online now, relevant to every page you browse to on the Web — like a google search, or a blog (whether you *comment* or not 🙂

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  936. mike may Says:

    did not work on Safari 2.0.4. now testing with firefox

    I can see the co comment track, share and tag line so I think it’s working

    OK, so the firefox extention works. Let’s see what needs to be done to get safari working.

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    Cocomment is cool and installing the extension is wonderful but sometimes it makes me unable to post a comment on a blog saying …’couldn’t connect to the cocomment server’…hope that is a thing of the past now that I’m installing it all over again after a break of some months.

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  1327. Steph! Says:

    re test

  1328. adiadrian Says:

    test one two one two

  1329. coba Says:

    Test again

  1330. TraderVinny Says:

    Test 🙂

  1331. nocchi Says:


  1332. igel2 Says:

    Voyons voyons si ce foutu truc marche

  1333. RedYeti Says:

    why are you reading this it’s a test geddit!

  1334. alla Says:

    testing 1 2 3

  1335. Ruhi Says:


  1336. Isaac Says:

    Gotta try this.. Yello?

  1337. a_dent Says:

    Detta är en testkommentar (this is a test comment)

  1338. deb Says: