Test coComment here

Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

  1. Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
  2. a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
  3. Submit the comment on the blog as usual

If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

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Note: It can happen that your message is caught by Akismet, the anti-spam engine, as a spam so please add a longer comment than “test” -)


1,532 Responses to “Test coComment here”

  1. bedobleuve Says:


  2. sarah Says:


  3. Damien Says:

    Testing CoComment

  4. Barbara Says:

    testing testing testing !!!

  5. Si Says:

    just testing

  6. amber Says:


  7. mrmark Says:


  8. Davis Freeberg Says:

    I wish that there was a way to add past comments that I’ve made instead of just new ones that I make from now on.

  9. Dragon Blogger Says:

    test of cocomment

  10. Davis Freeberg Says:

    Another problem with not being able to manually add comments is that for sites where they moderate comments, I’m not finding that CoComment is tracking them. I really want to use this service, but if it only supports half the sites I use then it really limits it’s use.

  11. lec Says:

    @Davis: if you use our extension, then we will get your comments, Regardless of the site moderation.

  12. Liz Tufte Says:

    Oh, this is such a good thing. Thank you!

  13. Anonymous Says:


  14. Ale Says:

    test test

  15. brunoh Says:


  16. brunoh Says:

    test de nouveau

  17. daryl Says:


  18. Stacy Says:


  19. Rudy from Trulia Says:


  20. Grace Kat Says:

    I’m hoping that co.comment works with the current version of Flock browser. I was told it does, so here goes!

  21. myartistic Says:


  22. myartistic Says:


  23. aldon @ orient lodge Says:

    Okay… Let’s see what this can do

  24. george Says:

    hello hooray!

  25. george Says:

    testy von tester

  26. MeatMyShake Says:


  27. Adam Steer Says:


  28. pastorsandy Says:


  29. The Pontilists Says:

    This is my test comment

  30. rhalper Says:


  31. bob Says:


  32. David Sanchez Says:

    esto es una prueba

  33. David Sanchez Says:

    esto es una prueba 2

  34. Allison Says:


  35. Kate Johnson Says:

    Commenty comment

  36. Kourai Says:


  37. VP Says:


  38. test Says:

    This is a test

  39. btest Says:

    my coomment

  40. TomC Says:

    Very interesting it is yes

  41. cloink Says:

    Ooh. Look. A test!

  42. rw Says:


  43. hscot Says:

    Great meeting you at Blogworld

  44. samuelbcn Says:

    Estoy usando Google Chrome y me gustaria poder usar CoComment tambien con ese navegador; sto utilizzando Google Chrome e mi piacerebbe poter utilizzare CoComment anche con quel browser,

  45. The Noiseboy Says:

    this is only a test.

  46. chaeseco Says:


  47. Joe Wilson Says:

    total bollox of course

  48. Mary White Says:

    prueba con cocomment

  49. qqqq Says:

    MY TEST !!!!!! +++ KKKK 32434 %

  50. mmi Says:


  51. boronali Says:

    je fais comme les autres : je teste !

  52. dp Says:

    Does it logo too?

  53. Philo Says:

    This better work!

  54. jojo530 Says:

    jiust testing.
    Another problem with not being able to manually add comments is that for sites where they moderate comments, I’m not finding that CoComment is tracking them.

  55. yossy Says:


  56. Sheryl A. McCoy Says:

    testing my new cocomment extension. Thanks!

  57. Anonymous Says:


  58. craziness Says:

    sample comment

  59. manuederra Says:


  60. manuederra Says:

    Another one

  61. bgianardo Says:


  62. Anonymous Says:


  63. Waldheri Says:

    This is my first cocomment!

  64. TECHBETTER Says:


  65. Anonymous Says:

    baraaza.com test

  66. HisDudeness Says:

    test, test, test

  67. Justin Says:

    getting my test on

  68. Alden Smith Says:

    testing the system

  69. David Says:


  70. Alberto A-P Says:

    So… wassup!!!

  71. thamizhparavai Says:


  72. thamizhparavai Says:


  73. FD Says:

    First test with cocotest !

  74. kr Says:


  75. jennypkpr Says:

    testing cocomment…

  76. Michael Silverton Says:


  77. Izabela Says:

    hi i am testing my coco, but cannot login to my account to get site widgets… 😦

  78. test Says:


  79. Ed Says:


  80. Surgo Says:


  81. Martin Says:

    So this really works?

  82. terrapixela Says:

    TEST !

  83. Chester Says:

    COCO TEST ^^

  84. erich13 Says:

    hello world

  85. provinciala Says:


  86. cjguest Says:

    I’m testing cocomment now. Will it work? I don’t know. Let’s find out…

  87. stageleft Says:

    OK, so this is a test of the firefox plugin. It is longer that the word test

  88. stageleft Says:

    The firefox extension didn’t work so I’m going to try the bookmarklet

  89. John Says:

    Foo boo woo goo.

  90. John Says:

    Hmm, Firefox extension doesn’t work.

  91. John Says:

    Aha – extension only works if Javascript is enabled for the site you’re commenting to. That is, it’s partially incompatible with NoScript, which disables JS by default on a per-domain basis.

  92. Neil S Says:

    No Comments

  93. Scott Says:

    testing COcomment

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Good Job!!

  95. Anonymous Says:


  96. Mike Bogle Says:

    Hi there, this is my comment

  97. Anonymous Says:


  98. Keper Says:


  99. Calamity Says:

    Test calamity

  100. ds Says:

    Just testing

  101. ds Says:

    Testing again

  102. ld Says:


  103. Megan Smith Says:

    This is my test comment. Hey guys!

  104. Megan Smith Says:

    Here’s my second test.

  105. Megan Smith Says:

    And here’s one other test.

  106. Norm Says:


  107. adam Says:

    Testing a cocomment.

  108. dellforce Says:

    I’m leaving a comment. Hooray for me!!!

  109. vcv Says:


  110. Claudio Says:


  111. Giangidoe Says:

    Si, ok.

  112. Nils Geylen Says:

    There is a tavern in the town.

  113. ADVsha Says:

    Prova commento

  114. Seldimad Says:

    now for some feedback: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  115. Kate Says:


  116. Shannon Ehlers Says:

    Testing, Testing. 1… 2… 3…

  117. OHJ Says:


  118. Liz Says:

    I am testing the cocomment extension.

  119. fasdf Says:


  120. fasdf Says:


  121. Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You Says:

    The quick brown fox jumped over the green grass because I couldn’t remember what else that was supposed to say. 🙂

  122. comunicati Says:

    woohoo! 😀

  123. fbessonnet Says:

    coComment : Voilà un outil qui pourrais s’avérer très utile

  124. Stephen Francoeur Says:

    coComment: Is it still buggy like before?

  125. Tim L. Walker Says:

    I’ve used Commentful up until now, but it’s not working…

  126. Ashish Says:

    testing 123

  127. Eric Herberholz Says:

    Test from flock on work pc

  128. Isisxotic Says:


  129. خالد ابن الوليد khaled ibn elwalid Says:

    i write this comment for testing

  130. Alejandro Says:


  131. Matt Says:


  132. Richard Says:

    testing cocomment in chrome

  133. samuelbcn Says:

    Proviamo a seguire questa conversazione

  134. mathias73 Says:


  135. mirka n. Says:

    1 2 3 testing!!

  136. secretly77 Says:

    don’t work?

  137. secretly77 Says:

    don’t work!

  138. secretly77 Says:

    it works! yeah!

  139. Chuck Says:


  140. Jimbo Says:

    testing yeah!

  141. Jimbo Says:


  142. SalyAjo Says:

    Test test me test

  143. sterpazook Says:


  144. sterpazook Says:

    test again

  145. lottavanana Says:


  146. Kampfdoedl Says:


  147. Alice Says:


  148. Cme Says:

    hey yo

  149. Marc Says:

    testy, aren’t we?

  150. oscar Says:


  151. Kimberly Says:

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

  152. spudart Says:


  153. Lucero Says:

    Just wanted to test out how coComment works.

  154. falabrack Says:


  155. Editor Says:

    Edit: Test

  156. Santiago Says:

    Probando, probando, uno dos tres……. he he he

  157. John R. Carman Says:


  158. tinochen Says:

    this shits slow

  159. Anonymous Says:

    uhmm ok lets see this working with the IE addon…

  160. Blake Raab Says:

    Test comment

  161. hudxuan Says:


  162. fusionheather Says:

    test test test

  163. 山谷 Says:


  164. Dina Says:


  165. ひら Says:


  166. த.அகிலன் Says:


  167. dean Says:


  168. danjan Says:

    Looking into this service to see how well it works.

  169. jdblack64 Says:

    wanting to know how this works

  170. St0rM Says:

    comment test

  171. mountaingrafix Says:

    This is a simple Test

  172. CHlustanec Says:

    testing of this…something

  173. rubberduck Says:


  174. rubberduck Says:


  175. Katie Says:


  176. Anne Says:


  177. Greg Says:


  178. Iván Pino Says:


  179. papa deddy Says:

    why my regular comment dissapear after i activate the plugins in my wordpress ???
    i use brian threaded comment & comvatar in my blog
    i want to use this cocoment plugin but not change my regular comment

  180. deddymuanis Says:


  181. Clemond N. Flinch Says:

    I am a delight.

  182. me Says:


  183. akismetisgood Says:


  184. thehealthyirishman Says:


  185. lisette Says:

    juste another test from me

  186. DippinDots Says:

    we’re here

  187. Chrystal Ocean Says:


  188. Marco Says:

    Test comment by me 😉

  189. Anne Says:

    testing again…

  190. ol Says:


  191. interactivissima Says:


  192. a1 Says:


  193. a1 Says:


  194. a1 Says:


  195. Daniel Says:

    Testing from sweden:)

  196. d@vid Says:

    Revisiting coComment, very happy now that they have a Firefox extension and the option to blacklist.

  197. Ruchir Chawdhry Says:


  198. Ruchir Chawdhry Says:


  199. Stef Says:

    Is this really a test?

  200. LuVi Says:

    1,2,3 test!

  201. Mott Kornicki Says:

    I’m still trying to get the hang of this 🙂

  202. Chriswaterguy Says:


  203. Chriswaterguy Says:


  204. Chriswaterguy Says:

    test3 getting mixed signals here “you don`t have conversations for the moment “

  205. nicoleaimee Says:

    testing to see if this works

  206. nicoleaimee Says:

    that didn’t work…trying again.

  207. nicoleaimee Says:

    seriously this isn’t working!

  208. Michael Koren Says:


  209. Michael Kaye Says:

    did it work?

  210. sajeev Says:

    cocomment testing

  211. bailey Says:

    yo was up this is a test!

  212. thorswitch Says:


  213. Jesse Says:

    hi 🙂

  214. Jesse Says:


  215. Charles Frith Says:


  216. Patrick Searle Says:

    Verbal dihorrea

  217. J Says:

    I’m thinking I’m going to like this. I did have to dig a while to figure out how it worked. Am experiencing some lag while I type and that is strange , though.

  218. DL Says:


  219. Sulcalibur Says:

    Just making sure this is still working

  220. iris Says:


  221. PoisonedV Says:

    hidey ho

  222. Gaspar Says:


  223. Doreen Says:


  224. Ninja Says:

    Hey ho lets go

  225. Tanoka Says:

    ah ah ah prova

  226. Tanoka Says:


  227. Carlos Guadián Says:


  228. person Says:

    Testing everything

  229. PoisonedV Says:

    dfgdfg sup test

  230. Fernando Says:

    también probando

  231. g2-25d47671fb20d6089ace7b36ada83768 Says:

    también probando, testing 123

  232. luca Says:

    test message

  233. Anonymous Says:

    yada yada

  234. Anonymous Says:


  235. Elmo Q. Shangnaster Says:

    yo yo

  236. effi Says:


  237. crux Says:


  238. matybigfro Says:

    peking duck
    are you peking duck

  239. Mary Specht Says:


  240. ap Says:


  241. lottie Says:

    just testing

  242. Ano. Nymous Says:

    another test

  243. msisk Says:


  244. Adrienne Says:

    Testing to see if the Firefox 3.0 CoComment extension works. If not, I will have to resort to the bookmarklet.

  245. Adrienne Says:

    Hmm.. the extension did not work. Trying Bookmarklet now.

  246. Adrienne Says:

    Trying this again, but using Safari instead of FF3.

  247. tim Says:

    testing testing http://www.mutantpop.net/radioclash/ spam 😉

  248. Francois Colin Says:


  249. Curt Says:


  250. Adrienne Says:

    Trying again… bookmarklet and extension are causing problems in FF3.0. I cannot log in it seems.

  251. Adrienne Says:

    ARGH. Is this working or not???

  252. testing Says:

    Testing 123

  253. thermopyle Says:


  254. thermopyle Says:


  255. Phy Says:


  256. nishant Says:


  257. Tim Says:


  258. Susan Bonfiglio Says:

    testing the website

  259. daxaa Says:

    test this solution

  260. test2 Says:


  261. samuel Says:

    un essai pour voir

  262. Jcreator Says:

    I like this awesome addon.

  263. Jcreator Says:

    I like this awesome addon.
    testing again

  264. Peter Says:


  265. Alexis Says:


  266. Vulture Says:

    This is a test

  267. tes Says:


  268. Alexis Says:


  269. yoyoyo Says:


  270. yo Says:

    buenas noches

  271. Zac Bowling Says:

    omg its a test

  272. Anonymous Says:


  273. Anonymous Says:

    Meh 2!

  274. Lucie Says:


  275. Lucie Says:

    take 2

  276. simon gray Says:

    this is my test number one

  277. simon gray Says:

    this is my second test

  278. Mihail Says:


  279. Mihail Says:


  280. scheiro Says:

    my test number 1000

  281. scheiro Says:

    my test number 1001

  282. Alex Says:

    hello world test number 1

  283. Nazrul Says:


  284. matybigfro Says:


  285. Melissa Says:


  286. MC Says:


  287. MC Says:


  288. Anonymous Says:

    aqa test

  289. Jamal A M Says:

    testing co-co-test

    I am using chrome browser.

    will it work there ?

  290. Yohsuke Says:

    My Test

  291. Yohsuke Says:

    My Test 2

  292. Bealzes Bud Says:

    Another comment test.

  293. BK Says:

    Just testing this. I heard its the beezneez!

  294. Inari Says:

    I wonder if this will work. After all I haven’t really done anything. Yet.

  295. Iain Says:


  296. Tide Waters Says:

    Have got it to work in Firefox, but don’t understand how click the bookmarklet in Safari is supposed to submit a comment. Have tried doing that many times and nothing ever shows up in my coComment account. Perhaps am not using the bookmarklet correctly?


    yo yo ma

  298. Leonardo Parada Says:

    Testeando cocoment haber que tal va

  299. Leonardo Parada Says:

    No me funciona

  300. Leonardo Parada Says:

    Ahora si funciono

  301. JesusTA Says:

    Una prueba

  302. egi2ks Says:

    testing this

  303. lalala Says:

    testing this out

  304. Bart Says:

    Now then can I get this to follow all my comments?

  305. mariusica Says:

    Merry Christmas. I kill you !

  306. mariusica Says:

    another comment since the first didn’t arrive

  307. Jamal A M Says:

    இதுக்கே ஒரு பதிவா…

  308. Tanya Says:


  309. Davide Tarasconi Says:

    this is a test comment.

  310. panoptican Says:

    ryan is working on the report.

  311. Mike Lanese Says:

    testing 123

  312. dtrig Says:

    Boy, these pretzels are makin’ me thirsty.

  313. B.Case Says:

    Feel free to post comments to this article, it’s here for this purpose!
    Once you’re on the detail page of the article, here are the few steps to add a comment:

    1. Enter your comment in the normal comment area on the blog page
    2. a) Using the Firefox extension? Nothing to do
    b) Using the bookmarklet? Click the coComment bookmarklet in your browser bar BEFORE submitting your comment
    3. Submit the comment on the blog as usual

    If you prefer, you can only Track the conversation.
    You’re just curious to see how the discussion will evolve but nothing to say for the moment.

    That was easy, right? See the result, go to your personal page

    Note: It can happen that your message is caught by Akismet, the anti-spam engine, as a spam so please add a longer comment than “test” -)

  314. Bealzes Bud Says:

    Okay. I think I shall test this again.

  315. Bill B Says:

    Does this really work

  316. Yopan Prihadi Says:

    I like this….Only one test comment for me..

  317. Ellie Fields Says:

    My comment is profound

  318. Andrew Gribben Says:


  319. Anonymous Says:

    Comment test 1204

  320. meow Says:

    just testing

  321. Anonymous Says:

    test again

  322. CFCA Says:

    (this is a test of co-comment, not a plug! Just copying text… 🙂 )

    We don’t see poverty. We see potential.

    CFCA believes in the potential of the poor to effect change in their own lives and in our world.

    We help families in developing countries put food on the table, send their children to school, access health care and have a decent place to live so that, together, we can end the cycle of poverty.

    CFCA stewardship has consistently garnered the highest ratings from independent oversight organizations, including the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charity Navigator. CFCA meets all 20 of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s rigorous Standards for Charity Accountability.

  323. Matthias Heil Says:


  324. Matthias Heil Says:

    seems to be working – thanks!

  325. Anonymous Says:

    this is just a ….

  326. Christine Says:

    Testing cocomment.

  327. DTownie Detroit blog Says:

    Testing cocomment.

  328. Katie Says:

    testing cocomment

  329. Katie Says:

    this is me testing it again!

  330. ezg Says:

    Testing this tool

  331. Mimzy Says:


  332. Jay Levitt Says:

    Testy thingy from IE7 directly

  333. Jay Levitt Says:

    Any test will do

  334. Johnny Says:


  335. Mara Says:

    bla bla, ya know?

  336. Louise Says:

    Tjolahopp, tjolahej

  337. Janet Simpson Says:


  338. Juegos Gratis Says:


  339. Me Says:

    Testing for cocomment

  340. Me Says:

    try to comments again

  341. Danielle Says:


  342. Danielle Says:

    testing again because the first did not work

  343. Adolfo Says:


  344. Adolfo Says:

    Prueba 2

  345. César Says:


  346. V Says:


  347. Dtownie Detroit blog Says:

    This is a test of the Detroit blogging system.

  348. Marwan Says:

    hi, this is a test

  349. Elliot Says:

    Testing this puppy out right now, if this works as I think it will, then its awesome

  350. Orel Says:

    שלום שלום !

  351. r Says:


  352. cristiano Says:


  353. KA Says:


  354. mahallenin delisi Says:


  355. carter Says:

    test, may be using this on a webproject of mine

  356. Anonymous Says:

    HI Testing

  357. Erik Says:


  358. Aceintx Says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah

  359. takeya_masaaki Says:


  360. Alia Says:

    Interesting concept

  361. Alia Says:


  362. Robert Mark White Says:

    this is a test comment

  363. Anonymous Says:

    Harry truman was a leader

  364. Anonymous Says:

    Here we are looking at Chewbacca once again

  365. hello Says:

    hey testing the stuff!!!

  366. hello Says:

    whats upsa;dlf aslfd jkasfd

  367. nad Says:


  368. Rav Casley Gera Says:


  369. Wojciech Ignaczewski Says:


  370. mark Says:

    this is a test

  371. Deb Says:

    testing 123

  372. Anonymous Says:

    testing 1,2,3

  373. Dismoho Says:

    test 2

  374. Dismoho Says:

    Test 3

  375. Dismoho Says:

    Test 4

  376. Epiphany Says:

    This just a test 🙂

  377. joshuavox Says:


  378. vibrog Says:


  379. queeneek Says:


  380. Margaret Almon Says:


  381. Margaret Almon Says:

    i’m trying to test this again.

  382. Margaret Almon Says:

    test test test now how now brown cow test test test test

  383. Dogbait Says:


  384. Benjamin Gray Says:

    Testing a comment here chaps.

  385. test Says:

    test 1234

  386. jdgnyc Says:


  387. aabbccc Says:


  388. David R. Jordan Says:

    probando co.comment

  389. David R. Jordan Says:

    otra prueba de co.comment

  390. DM Hallowell Says:

    This is a test of co.Comment.

  391. Tau Says:

    who is who here?

  392. Richard Says:


  393. Richard Says:

    test 2

  394. さりさりにゃーま Says:


  395. さりさりにゃーま Says:


  396. さりさりにゃーま Says:


  397. Emrah Omuris Says:

    Testing Comment

  398. Stephan Wehner Says:

    Just what I was looking for?

  399. Amar Says:

    what’s up

  400. Thinkabout Says:

    Wow, I am Number 400!

  401. Thinkabout Says:

    Nochmals, seufz, nun mit Icon In der Toolbar…

  402. kbroccoli Says:

    Lots of testing going on here.

  403. t Says:


  404. Antonio Says:


  405. rattlerjen Says:

    I wonder, wonder if this will work.

  406. mooooo Says:

    Show mw wot ya got

  407. Dan Says:

    This is a comment longer then “just testing”.

  408. ShowStalker Says:

    hi how r u???

  409. MountainMan Says:

    A test comment

  410. Andrew Says:

    A very interesting service!

  411. AddictionBlog Says:

    Checking it out to learn how it works.

  412. Addiction Blog Says:

    Trying again

  413. BL Says:


  414. Steve Borsch Says:


  415. TheGRW Says:


  416. u-ichi Says:


  417. David Jensen Says:


  418. David Jensen Says:

    test again

  419. Uzer Says:

    Definitely not a test

  420. marcosesperon Says:

    probando… a ver si me gusta!!

  421. seda irengü özmen Says:

    I’ve a comment for testing…

  422. Anonymous Says:

    W test

  423. Cat Says:

    I’m glad to find this!

  424. dutchgrub Says:

    nice tool – hope this test page will show me how it works.

  425. e Says:


  426. Nicholas Says:

    esteatkadlkf’akdf’ast TEst!!!

  427. deden m. ihsan Says:

    izinkan daku mengetest kedigdayaan cocoment

  428. Static Says:

    Teste teste. 1,2…,THREE?!

  429. Static Says:


  430. Michael Says:

    Test 1 2 3

  431. prisca Says:

    just a test comment – thanks 🙂

  432. Lady Madonna Says:

    probando cocomment

  433. Lady Madonna Says:

    otra prueba

  434. Lady Madonna Says:


  435. SirMcLois Says:


  436. Gitte Says:

    Testing testing 1 2 3

  437. augmentedfourth Says:

    another test, of course…

  438. Audun Wangen Says:

    Coco 🙂

  439. Audun Wangen Says:

    Coco? :S

  440. Mark Fiebert Says:

    testing comments

  441. ScuoladiLadri Says:


  442. Abid Says:

    This is a test!

  443. Liz Says:

    Just Testing.

  444. José Raposo Says:

    aqui vai o tese sendo assim, em português e tudo

  445. a Says:


  446. Kim FLINTOFF Says:

    Well, well, well… 3 holes in the ground.

  447. ishibashi Says:


  448. ishibashi Says:

    Ponzi Scheme

  449. Karolis Pocius Says:


  450. uri Says:


  451. Sylvia Says:

    Long live the blogosphere!

  452. B Says:


  453. malfieten Says:


  454. dancerjude Says:

    I made this test

    happy new year!

  455. Maria Elena Duron Says:

    Luv cocomment and glad to install again after the great computer crash

  456. BB Says:

    Testing web

  457. Laila Says:


  458. Sissel Says:


  459. diplomatico Says:


  460. Andrei Says:


  461. Andrei Says:


  462. ~SerendipityCat~ Says:


  463. Anilikos Says:

    Now retesting

  464. stacy Says:


  465. stacy Says:


  466. polo Says:

    I test it

  467. Krissi Says:

    Testing co-Comment just like everyone else, here! Happy New Year!

  468. Denudado Says:

    Hello everybody!

  469. David Grant Says:

    Test test test!
    Test test test!
    Test test test!
    Test test test!
    Test test test!

  470. The Spokesrider Says:

    This is a test comment

  471. Reticulator Says:

    Let’s try this again.

  472. weed Says:

    this is test comment

  473. test Says:

    story Test la voix secret

  474. polo Says:

    Je ne comprends rien au fonctionnement de cette extension 😦

  475. John Murphy Says:

    testa la avista baby

  476. kamikaze Says:


  477. Amanda Says:


  478. Anastasia Says:

    Testing new comment thing!

  479. Amanda Says:

    testing again

  480. Jenny Says:


  481. Jackie Says:


  482. Kawzi Says:

    Hello I am trying to test this comment

  483. fabio Says:


  484. Amanda Says:


  485. Anonymous Says:


  486. coriema07 Says:

    testing coComment… this is a trial

  487. coriema07 Says:


  488. Wesley Says:

    This is a test comment

    Multiple lines


  489. Mohamed ElGohary Says:




  490. Kialaya Says:

    Ok, well I am trying out coComment as well as other web 2.0 services that do pretty much the same thing so let’s see which one is better. Thanks.

  491. Squillo Says:

    testing, testing, testing.

  492. Squillo Says:

    Re-test, testing, testing.

  493. Miguel Says:


  494. Squillo Says:

    Another test.

  495. Elliott Says:


  496. Lozz Says:

    Let see how this system works.

  497. Juan Carlos Lucas Says:


  498. Juan Carlos Lucas Says:

    prueba prueba

  499. Squillo Says:

    blah blah blah

  500. Tobias Ziegler Says:

    Testing the comment tracking.

  501. mitchell Says:

    Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  502. johnpeltier Says:

    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.

  503. Kaya Says:


  504. fgsfds Says:


  505. 木下茂雄 Says:


  506. Valkyriana Says:


  507. Shane Says:

    Can anybofy hear me?

  508. Shawn Says:

    Blah blah blah.

  509. Shawn Says:

    And so, the green Gargantua said to the brown Gargantua, “WTF?” Perplexed as he was, the brown Gargantua scratched his head, straightened his belt, and shot back a, “WTFB!”. And there ya go!

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  516. Psyk Says:


  517. Tristin Says:


  518. LifeStream Daily Digest for 2009-01-22 | Your Revolution (The Blog!) Says:

    […] Posted a comment on coComment. Test coComment here (cocotest) […]

  519. wismie Says:

    test test test

  520. muellah Says:


  521. Blubb Says:

    I’m web 0.3

  522. Blubb Says:

    I was wrong, i’m apparently web 0.1

  523. ...lord Alessandro Zarcone Says:

    prova 🙂

  524. Wesley Says:

    dssddss http://www.somesite.com testing bla bla


  525. Wesley Says:


  526. maurice Says:

    great system

  527. Anonymous Says:

    all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy. all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

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    all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

  528. Anonymous Says:

    this is a test to see if swear word filter is on: shit

  529. Anonymous Says:

    swear filter apparently not on

  530. ewoman Says:

    test the best and forget the rest

  531. math Says:

    Testing testing

  532. Dark Angel Says:

    Hello, this is a test 🙂

  533. abb Says:


  534. abb Says:

    abb says no

  535. vrann Says:

    хватит писать одно и то же!

  536. Daniel M. Perez Says:


  537. SteveEllwood Says:

    test of the ff extension

  538. kadeeae Says:


  539. coneyislandclear Says:

    test, test

  540. BellaGORE Says:

    This is really cool!

  541. Sheryl A. McCoy Says:

    The test was successful in Flock 2.02. For several months I have successfully used coComment in Flock. It is a great product, and I enjoy having this organizational tool for my work.

  542. Laura S Says:


  543. shelleykrause Says:

    Test. Wondering if I can stop feeling sick tomorrow.

  544. Static Says:


  545. devrim gür Says:


  546. Syrana Says:

    Candy bars!

  547. Vinteuil Says:


  548. Marco Says:


  549. frank the man Says:

    I sumitted my comment.

  550. frank the man Says:

    I would like to add a comment to this blog to actually determine it this tool works which it doesn’t appear to be doing right now.

  551. frank the man Says:

    this is anothe stest of a system that may or may not work . I don’t understand how to get this to work.

  552. Tom Accuosti Says:

    I hope this does better than the old version I tested.

  553. Tom Accuosti Says:

    Okay, how about if I log in, first?

  554. Paul Says:

    testing, testing, testing

  555. Siz Says:


  556. Claire Thompson Says:


  557. Carrie Says:

    Just a test to see if this thing works! 😉

  558. Sam Marsh Says:

    Testing CoComment…

  559. Sam Marsh Says:

    Testing CoComment….

  560. Monique Says:


  561. ffh Says:

    hahah aihakdj’alj’

  562. Jim Willis Says:

    Sample comment

  563. Annie Says:

    testy test

  564. Vikas Gupta Says:

    Wao! I’m loving this test!

  565. Vikas Gupta Says:

    hello hello

  566. Vikas Gupta Says:

    hello! hello!

  567. Håkan Reis Says:

    Hello world

  568. VikBar Says:

    This is another test comment!

  569. mark harrison Says:

    yo man

  570. Chayenne Says:

    This is yet another test comment!

  571. Ashish Says:


  572. Fredric Says:


  573. Fredric Says:


  574. c Says:

    hej hej

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  577. beatrice Says:


  578. crazyangel Says:


  579. beatrice Says:

    testar igen

  580. 86mikekl Says:

    testing testing

  581. Maria Says:

    Testar att lämna en kommentar

  582. Haabel Says:


  583. Haabel Says:

    men funka då?

  584. Haabel Says:

    jag blir galen

  585. hmm Says:

    nytt test

  586. hmm Says:

    nu då

  587. hmm Says:


  588. rob Says:


  589. me Says:


  590. jpge Says:


  591. m Says:


  592. drdiagnos Says:


  593. JimK Says:

    This is my comment and my comment is this.

  594. GoodWill Says:

    This is my test.

  595. GoodWill Says:

    My goal is to be able to EDIT comments!

  596. lec Says:

    Also testing

  597. Robb Says:


  598. Robb Says:


  599. Francis Hwang Says:

    test test test

  600. ragundo Says:

    Prueba de cocoment

  601. Sandra Says:


  602. Donal Says:


  603. baedon Says:

    The rain in Spain falls gently on the plains.

  604. likethejeans Says:

    I’m just sayin’.

  605. Alan Levine Says:

    wow, you get a lot of comments!

  606. Alan Levine Says:

    One more try as it seems that although I see the cocomment bar below, my comments are not going to my conversations. Sigh.sigh sigh

  607. Frances Bell Says:

    Testing CoComment

  608. brunot Says:

    CoComment test one more

  609. Greg W Says:

    testing this commenter

  610. Cherie Says:


  611. hronir Says:

    Era una notte buia e tempestosa. Il vento fischiava… perchè non si ricordava le parole.

  612. Adam Glenn Says:

    This is a test

  613. GissiSim Says:

    Wow this is a test of the co comment system

  614. getoutinit Says:

    just testing ye ole cocommet

  615. getoutinit Says:

    another damn test! I hate tests!

  616. getoutinit Says:

    I can’t get this work

  617. Mike MacLeod Says:

    testity test test

  618. Anonymous Says:

    Testy test test

  619. amar79 Says:

    checking the comments functionality

  620. plazanetwork Says:

    Listo para empezar a comentar en otros blogs!

  621. Bernd Eckenfels Says:

    Lets see if this works. Ah cool, toolbar shows up (after some time)

  622. annscann Says:


  623. evgenijs Says:


  624. jim Says:

    I’ve joined coComment.

  625. jim Says:

    I’ve joined coComment. It should track my comments where ever I make them.

  626. Will Says:

    This is a test.
    This is a test.
    I never comment without a test.

  627. hshawjr Says:


  628. Kitaj Says:


  629. Vulture Says:

    Tu Abuela!

  630. Margo M Says:

    Ain’t life grand. Give me a miracle. Make it quick please!

  631. Ivan C Says:


  632. Anonymous Says:

    testing again.

  633. Anonymous Says:

    testing again 2

  634. Anonymous Says:

    testing again 3

  635. Michel Monette Says:

    Je teste.

  636. shopbright Says:

    This is a test post

  637. Justin LOng Says:


  638. faithlessgod Says:

    testing, testing 1 2 1 2

  639. Mukri Says:

    te my comnet and thak for all cru

  640. Oli Says:


  641. Rob Says:


  642. Kapil Says:


  643. Derek Says:

    testing it out

  644. chabonz Says:


  645. Anonymous Says:


  646. Anonymous Says:


  647. Herbelizer Says:


  648. moshiko Says:

    waa waa wii waa

  649. Patty Says:

    testing testing 123

  650. Rishi Talreja Says:

    Alright a test comment!

  651. Rishi Talreja Says:

    test comment oncee more!

  652. saarlodri Says:


  653. saarlodri Says:

    Dies ist ein Testkommentar!

  654. Brad Says:

    coComment test

  655. joe Says:

    cool service

  656. angelsmile Says:


  657. joe Says:

    very cool stuff

  658. Wendy Says:

    testy testy test test

  659. Jenny Says:

    Fascinating comments!

  660. john Says:


  661. Karri Flatla Says:

    Fantastic tool I’ll be recommending to fellow bloggers.

  662. Suely Says:

    Oi! Como é bom descobrir ferramentas novas e que facilitam a nossa vida de blogueir@s!

    Estou testando o coComent!

  663. Shane Says:

    Wow what an annoying long comment section!

  664. lonesomeloser Says:

    testy testy test

  665. logischabbaubar Says:

    Eins zwei Polizei

  666. Deepak Says:


  667. Nikki Says:


  668. J.Úbeda Says:


  669. Anne-Marie Says:

    Testing coComment. I really need a good way to follow up my comments.

  670. goldie27 Says:


  671. Martin Says:

    Hola Mundo!!

  672. Amy Says:


  673. Amy Says:

    testing cocomment…??

  674. Sic Says:


  675. Denise Says:

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3

  676. Krista Says:

    This is a story of how she wanted to try out a software called CoComent coz she wanted her client to learn how to track his blog comments without going crazy. In the end, she found this but she wanted to test this just to be sure.

  677. Paul Smith Says:

    Sample sample on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

  678. Chad Savage Says:

    Testing like a pro, yo

  679. iamnotagoodartist Says:

    in yo fayce.

  680. Just Says:


  681. uchari Says:


  682. uchari Says:

    test 2

  683. sasse Says:

    hey there!

  684. Analisa Roche Says:


  685. Sandra Says:


  686. えど Says:


  687. A.BILE Says:

    This is a test

  688. A.BILE Says:

    Test again

  689. October Hush Says:

    doot doo

  690. Renee Says:

    This is easy. I like easy.

  691. angelicinspirations Says:

    beam me up scotty

  692. Neil Says:

    Working Ok

  693. notmisterx Says:


  694. SB Says:

    Testing CoComment.

  695. sbpoet Says:

    Testing CoComment from Flock.

  696. alteran1 Says:

    cogito ergo sum

  697. larpenteurk Says:

    C’est peu le bordel.

  698. larpenteurk Says:

    non ?

  699. Bill Says:


  700. Jeanne Says:

    I am testing coComment.

  701. Joseph H. Vilas Says:

    Another test.

  702. Rick Riehle Says:

    testing one, two, three…

  703. phlogistique Says:


  704. Vladimir Kelman Says:

    testing coComment

  705. Vladimir Kelman Says:


  706. Magnus Says:


  707. Jess Says:


  708. Perfu Says:


  709. Perfu Says:


  710. Jonathan Says:

    Testing CoComment

  711. Flügel Says:

    mein kleiner Test =)

  712. Michael Says:

    this page takes a long time to lead

  713. a Says:


  714. Lisa Says:

    testing it

  715. squillo Says:


  716. squillo Says:

    here’s yet another test

  717. Tom Griffin Says:


  718. bla Says:


  719. doimoi Says:

    It’s interesting

  720. another Says:

    another test

  721. Mike Says:


  722. DaleK Says:

    testing testing come to my site buy my stuff! 😉

  723. post-secular Says:

    testing 123

  724. Susan B. Says:

    Is this thing on?

  725. Horse Says:


  726. zwiwz Says:

    testing testing testing !!!

  727. LN Says:

    TEST LN from LN.COM

  728. LN Says:

    TEST LN from LN.COM111111111111

  729. karachikhatmal Says:

    lets see if this works

  730. karachikhatmal Says:

    this ain’t working on chrome… any ideas?

  731. giamo Says:


  732. Ville Venäläinen Says:


  733. dmac Says:

    testing this out

  734. Zoltan Says:

    Wow! I’m glorious!

  735. Poetic Girl Says:

    This is just a test

  736. zyass_tak Says:


  737. Danil Says:


  738. torribio Says:

    It’s not who wins…

  739. Emil22 Says:

    Sun will always shine on my TV.

  740. nushh Says:


  741. hihi Says:

    hi, this is a test

  742. Razide Says:

    Valami a levegőben lóg.

  743. Zoltan Till Says:


  744. Phil Says:

    Test comment

  745. bakinchick Says:


  746. Jim Fortune Says:

    Neet service!! Wonder how you do it.

  747. Anonymous Says:

    hey.! 😀

  748. Bishop Hill Says:


  749. jon Says:

    testing cocomment

  750. Sara Says:

    Just a test. Hopefully it will work. =)


    Testing CoCoTest

  752. MILTON Says:


  753. Fred Says:

    This is not a drill…

  754. Anonymous Says:


  755. Anonymous Says:

    Another test

  756. Nicole (ThreeBySea) Says:


  757. conrad Says:

    test, test

  758. conrad Says:

    test dit not work

  759. gracest Says:

    Just checking to see how this works!

  760. ProductionPrints Says:

    just another day of testing

  761. Midwest Mainer Says:

    The sun is not shining.

  762. douglas white Says:

    hello and test for soutv

  763. squillo Says:

    scooby dooby doo, where are you

  764. Marjorie Says:

    What a gray day.

  765. Nightwing80 Says:

    One, Two… ^^

  766. Matt Stratton Says:

    Testing, testing…

  767. Matt Stratton Says:

    Testing again

  768. Talia Says:


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    auch ‘n Test

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  777. Ask a Manager Says:


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    jugando con la extension de firefox para cocomment

  787. Garret Belisle Says:

    Test? Man, I didn’t study 😉

  788. Shawn Anderson Says:

    Consider yourself tested.

  789. test Says:

    This is a test, really

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  795. kapilb Says:

    Testing if this comes into my system …

  796. Marcus Says:


  797. Chris Overstreet Says:

    Do not attempt to adjust the picture.

  798. milewidenursery Says:

    testing testing, be better then the other one!!

  799. DeanT Says:

    I am hopeing that this test is succesfull, iy seems like a great yool

  800. michele Says:

    testing the comment

  801. Merlinox Says:

    Why don’t you simply add a button / bookmarklet “Track this page”?

  802. Paulium Says:

    testing the comments

  803. Lovo Guru Says:

    Does it Work?

  804. ADRIAN'S BLOG Says:

    Still try for My comments

  805. nicoleaimee Says:


  806. nicoleaimee Says:

    testing again!

  807. flowerpl Says:


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  812. Sandra Says:

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  813. Sandra Says:

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  814. SandraS Says:

    this isn’t working

  815. lithenium Says:


  816. anigalla Says:


  817. Marius Says:

    Na na na Testy tet tes, sooo testyyyy

  818. meta4 Says:


  819. Barbara Manfredini Says:


  820. Jose Says:


  821. Dia Says:

    Shimmy Shimmy CoCoTest.
    Please rate my videos at http://youtube.com/diasings
    Now, I’ll go check my new CoCo Inbox…

  822. chappell101 Says:


  823. tester Says:


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  826. Denise Says:

    testing again….

  827. manamana Says:


  828. Billy Says:

    testing cocomment

  829. Mpaone Says:

    Comment test yay!

  830. Mpaone Says:


  831. Billy Says:

    Well, it didn’t work. Here we go again then.

  832. Carl Says:


  833. juan carlos Says:


  834. Anonymous Says:

    dominus vobiscum

  835. Anonymous Says:

    doing some testwork

  836. Mitch Says:

    Test 1-2-3… Is this microphone on?

  837. Mitch Says:

    Nope, not working. Isn’t this wire supposed to go to something?

  838. Brindey Weber Says:

    testing 1 2 3

  839. Kathleen Fasanella Says:

    testes, testes, 1…2…3….

  840. Admin Says:


  841. maccccca Says:


  842. skllangl Says:


  843. Michael Wald Says:


  844. cheryl Says:

    Blah blah…blah blah blah. Blah Blah! 🙂 Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

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  846. flameater Says:

    Test by Flameater

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  849. Klipper Says:


  850. Klipper Says:

    testing again

  851. radioactive.hummingbird Says:


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  854. novaseeker Says:

    testing ugh

  855. Hussain Says:

    just test

  856. Caity Says:


  857. Lauren Says:


  858. Pam Says:

    This is a test. This is only a test. Thanks!

  859. Kėdė ir Stalas Says:

    heh, I’m testing it tooooo. woooot

  860. rampley Says:

    Just testing this to see if it works. I have some privacy concerns.

  861. BriarCat Says:

    I’m not certain why I’m doing this. If it’s out of laziness, it is a bit of trouble, for all of that.

  862. Marinkina Says:

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  872. Kri Says:

    ceci est un test pas complet du tout

  873. Jakob Says:

    Just a test of coComment!

  874. John Says:

    just another test

  875. Bin Gregory Says:

    I’d like this to work

  876. iSnake Says:

    Testing my first coComment!!!

  877. Philip Olson Says:


  878. La-zion Says:

    cocomment test

  879. Manu Says:

    Esto es una prueba.

  880. nicholi Says:

    testing bookmarklet

  881. Nick Bostic from Nick Bostic Online Marketing Consulting Says:

    Chrome test…

  882. Julie Says:

    Curious to see how this works…

  883. mike Says:

    hey what up dog? what u doin’?

  884. Thomas Bernhardt Says:

    I’m only testing…

  885. Iñaki Mediavilla Says:

    Sopa de caracol, eeeee!!!

  886. Anonymous Says:

    This is a test comment. Will it work? We shall see.

  887. Anonymous Says:

    This is a test comment 😛
    Hallo everyone 🙂

  888. Migie Says:

    Bonjour tout le monde 😛


  889. abby, the hacker chick blog Says:


  890. York Says:

    testing the cocomment updater.

  891. ellow Says:

    1 2 3 probando

  892. Ben Says:

    hshshshshshshshhhhshss lol

  893. vti Says:

    Just a test.

  894. Helen Says:


  895. blahblah Says:

    testing cocomments

  896. vti Says:

    Doesn’t work for me somehow 😀

  897. Daniel Florian Says:


  898. m30w Says:

    does this still works?

  899. Henry Says:

    test reply to comment

  900. Daniel Florian Says:

    Dies ist ein etwas längerer Kommentar als nur Test um den Spam-Filter zu umgehen. Hoffentlich klappt’s!

  901. Daniel Florian Says:

    Dies ist ein etwas längerer Kommentar als nur Test um den Spam-Filter zu umgehen. Hoffentlich klappt’s!

  902. aki Says:


  903. Jens Says:

    Testkommentar auf https://cocotest.wordpress.com

  904. Milhaud Says:


  905. Conservatarian Says:

    Hello, this a test of the blog system. This is only a test. If it were an actual blog post, you would be very ticked off right now.

  906. arnas Says:


  907. Gopi Sangha @ EastofLA.com Says:

    Testing this service. Check 1, 2…

  908. Anonymous Says:


  909. Anonymous Says:


  910. Anonymous Says:


  911. aventrax Says:

    yes, just testing

  912. RachelHanson Says:

    hope this works!

  913. RachelHanson Says:

    trying again

  914. RachelHanson Says:


  915. Arnas D. Says:

    How u doyng?

  916. Arnas D. Says:

    one more time.

  917. cmie Says:

    je teste

  918. glmatt Says:

    Prova di commento

  919. Rhyaniwyn Says:

    Testing the comment extension…

  920. Brian Nielsen Says:

    test the plugin

  921. DeMon Says:


  922. DeMon Says:

    this isn’t working for me for some reason.

  923. Alex Schlotzer Says:

    Just testing my coComment 🙂

  924. gamma_ut Says:


  925. Giedrius Ivanauskas Says:


  926. isidore Says:

    Bonjour, je teste CoComment en ce moment même !!

  927. willem Says:

    Testing comment. Will this be tracked? Mmmm?

  928. தமிழ் பிரியன் Says:


  929. willem Says:

    all work and no play make jack a dull boy.
    all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

  930. willem Says:

    Willem test nr 2. WTF… why isn’t it working?

  931. Jack Vinson Says:

    This is a test!

  932. Su Says:


  933. poppo Says:


  934. mitigator Says:


  935. Brooke Says:

    Testing 1 2 3

  936. Dwielz Camauf Descartes Says:

    this is a test to see if co comment works whoo

  937. Dwielz Camauf Descartes Says:

    moo ok where are you?

  938. Dwielz Camauf Descartes Says:

    ok one more test

  939. Alps Says:

    This is a test.

  940. lec Says:

    I’m testing

  941. Sam Van Eman Says:

    test this.

  942. Verena Says:

    ts ts this ts ts test this please. v

  943. Tom Stitt Says:


  944. Guy Says:

    Jesus is coming, look busy!!

  945. Kellouzts Says:

    Testing one two three…

  946. Anonymous Says:

    This is the test

  947. Ann Smarty Says:

    Test comment…

  948. Ann Smarty Says:

    one more test

  949. test77 Says:

    need another test to see it in action

  950. Test 55 Says:

    pretty cool

  951. schneckerl Says:

    hahahaha bachelor

  952. Jason Anderson Says:

    I’m here to test the coComment Firefox plugin to see what happens.

  953. evilsquirrel01 Says:


  954. evilsquirrel01 Says:

    I’m testing this cocomment thingy!

  955. poldi Says:


  956. Allen Davis Says:

    This is my fourth attempt at leaving a comment. Evidently the cocomment people don’t know how to create a blog that will allow me to comment. Makes me wonder if their plugin does any good. So far I always get taken to a page that says only “discarded” The post says to leave more than just “test”, but I see plenty of other comments that are just that. I think I will uninstall cocomment if I can’t post my comment this time.

    Why doesn’t your blog let me post a comment? It is always discarded.

  957. Allen Davis Says:

    finally my 5th attempt went through!!! Yay

  958. DINEROyCREDITO.com Says:

    test post

  959. Grant Criddle Says:

    haha….it’s really quite funny that creativity and imagination (and a sense of fun?) is so lacking when peeps are faced with a testing task. Why not entertain yourself (maybe even others) and say more than testing, testing coComment, or testing ting 123. lol

  960. miss*H Says:


  961. Anonymous Says:


  962. Jimh Says:

    I am testing whether this software works. Comment.

    Jim H

  963. Gamaware Says:

    testing this feature

  964. Stephen Robinson Says:

    Please consider subscribing to my blog. If you don’t like it then please unsubscribe. It’s just that simple. No questions asked. I don’t want you to be subscribed to something that you don’t like. My blog talk about all the different sites on the social web. Thank you!

  965. Kas Says:


  966. Kas Says:

    Spinning Will Smith for the opening credits to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, Toasting this thread in epic bread etc

  967. Tomas Says:

    testing one, two, three bla bla bla bla bla love tom x

  968. Joann Loos Says:

    testing cocooment

  969. Joann Loos Says:

    testing again

  970. MsJosay Says:

    test comment

  971. Doni Says:

    Testing CoComment

  972. tester Says:

    Testing CoComment

  973. boardtc Says:

    Testing CoComment. wish you could retro comments

  974. boardtc Says:

    Testing CoComment again, last one did not work

  975. boardtc Says:

    Testing CoComment. extension not working with 3.5.1, trying bookmarklet

  976. mike Says:


  977. utpalvaishnav Says:

    Testing the CoComent FF Extn…

    I love to write about Project Management here.

  978. Static Says:

    Teste teste..1,2…3?!

  979. Dana Huff Says:


  980. Chris Rowbury Says:

    And yet more testing, testing!

  981. Fahad Says:


  982. pcd2k Says:

    I’m uncertain as to how to invoke any Firefox extension ?

  983. pollyalida Says:


  984. Handphone Gadget Says:

    I do a test

  985. Hotel Murah Says:

    testing with url http://www.pelesir.com/hotel-murah.html

  986. Dogmax Says:

    Testing sustem

  987. wlaworn Says:

    Testing co comments!

  988. Karlana Kulseth aka hawaiianbrat96 Says:

    Checking out the coComment app for FireFox. Did it work?

  989. mike Says:


  990. Valentina Bianchini Says:

    proviamo un pò sto coComment va…

  991. taka Says:

    Testing coComment.

  992. bill lawhorn Says:

    Bill’s test of co comment!

  993. Richard Jeffrey Newman Says:

    This is a test comment because I am trying to learn how to use this service.

  994. wcwk Says:

    This is a test comment because I am trying to learn how to use this service.


  995. wcwk Says:

    This is a test comment because I am trying to learn how to use this services. This is for check.


  996. Brad Senter Says:

    Testing coComment. NO WAY this will work, right?

  997. NameNameName Says:

    Waiting for happy

  998. Anonymous Says:

    test 123

  999. Dimitar Chakarov Says:

    the comment area looks different – with icons and links and everything. looks nice.

  1000. Andrew B Says:

    Testing, back on cocomment again after a long absence … hoping it’s working now

  1001. Stat Says:

    Does it work AGAIN? Does it?!

  1002. Stephan Fuetterer Says:

    1004 comments are much better than 1003 comments!

  1003. Stephan Fuetterer Says:

    1005 comments are much better than 1004

  1004. Jay Cousins Says:

    ok lets see if this works

  1005. JasonGerke Says:


  1006. peet Says:

    Test test test, oha oha oha

  1007. jbkagan Says:

    I am testing this.

  1008. mzkagan Says:

    Let’s try this again.

  1009. Wirish Says:


  1010. ToogoTelework Says:

    Holy moly, a lot of testers. I want to use coComment for the Lifestream on my company’s new blog, so here’s to trying it out!

  1011. ToogoTelework Says:

    Have to test out the comment catcher for my company’s new blog, http://www.freedomtoogo.com. Have a look-see!

  1012. ToogoTelework Says:

    Testing again, just for kicks. No, actually, I don’t see it working in my feed… keeping at it!

  1013. Lehkost Says:


  1014. magnivblog Says:

    Testing 1,2,3

  1015. Birgit Hapfelmeier Says:


  1016. Birgit Hapfelmeier Says:


  1017. konfi Says:

    tescht, tescht

  1018. Chronoz Says:


  1019. unfinishedperson Says:


  1020. u320908 Says:

    this is a test.

  1021. asdf Says:


  1022. tjhilton Says:

    Jesus said “No man comes to the Father (i.e. God) except through me”. If you want to find out more, get in touch with me.

  1023. Bubba Says:


  1024. Bubba Says:

    Test without link

  1025. Bubba Says:


  1026. James Body Says:

    This is a test post

  1027. Alex Says:

    Test test test

  1028. marie Says:


  1029. Heav Says:

    Testing this tool.

  1030. Brian Says:


  1031. Jaym Says:

    Single 37-year-old male seeking intelligent, fit, younger 20 to 33-year-old woman for marriage and kids. Must loving gaming, creative and imaginative things, animals, winter, rain, the midwest, and agree that Prince is the God of Music.

    Oh shoot… wrong website- I’m just supposed to be testing out the comment tracker here. Uh… ignore that earlier part- that was for a dat…er… a short FICTION story I was writing. Yep. Short fiction.

    /steps slowly off stage

  1032. Scott Holodak Says:


  1033. Jaffar Sadiq Says:

    this site is great to help those who want to create comments box…thank you cocomment for your kind help:)

  1034. Test Says:

    Hello World

  1035. yungle Says:


  1036. May Says:


  1037. Anonymous Says:

    Prova CoCo

  1038. Anonymous Says:


  1039. Angel de Olavide Says:

    Probando comentarios del servicio CComent

  1040. My turn to test Says:

    big posterous test

  1041. mckenzie Says:

    test, hideeho

  1042. clement Says:


  1043. coconuts Says:

    hello world !!!

  1044. Gabriel de Tourisme Mauricie Says:

    Hello & test.

  1045. Belen Says:

    this is a test to see if cocoments is working

  1046. Meeee! Says:

    q: what do you call the subjects of a sperm test?
    a: testees!

  1047. B a la Moda Says:

    Let´s see if this works

  1048. rabidgamer Says:

    Testing 1, 2, 3…

  1049. Gail P Says:

    This is a check of the coComment addon to Firefox for keeping track of comments.

  1050. HeavymooNj_JAZZ Says:

    japanese test

  1051. Imene Says:


  1052. Mladen Says:

    This is a test comment.

  1053. Mladen Says:

    Well, what do you know, it works.

  1054. Christina Jordan Says:

    oh if this works I will be sooooo happy!

  1055. Christina Jordan Says:

    testing cocommenter again

  1056. Dean Shareski Says:


  1057. Dean Shareski Says:

    Let me see if this works. I hope it does.

  1058. Dean Shareski Says:

    trying this with the bookmarklet

  1059. nnn Says:

    yet another test comment

  1060. Anonymous Says:

    this page is too long.

  1061. jabacchetta Says:

    Lets see how this thing works. Should be cool.

  1062. Nicola O. Says:

    this is pretty cool if it works!

  1063. John Lockwood Says:

    Hey, I have co-comments at the blog at http://www.aspworkbench.com/blog. I wonder if htose are working. Somebody come leave a comment.

  1064. musicmaiden Says:

    I am going to be really thrilled if this works! I’m horrible at keeping track of comments.

  1065. Fence Says:

    testing 1 2 3

  1066. xy Says:


  1067. gerardo Says:

    Testing 😉

  1068. Alec Says:


  1069. Like The Desert Says:

    Totally testing the hell out of this box.

  1070. Eric Says:

    testing my new stuff.

  1071. Greg Says:

    test of cocomment

  1072. lolarusa Says:

    No comment

  1073. Rob Says:

    Testing 123 … blah blah

  1074. robert Says:

    Test, Test, Test

  1075. kikbak Says:

    where are my previous comments gone? testing again

  1076. kikbak Says:

    page is hurtngly slow to load. there seems to be not too many commenting at the same time

  1077. richdrogpa Says:

    just checking;)

  1078. BevBB Says:

    testing again

  1079. Caruso Says:


  1080. Anonymous Says:


  1081. Zoe Archer Says:

    Isn’t the internet fun? Wheee.

  1082. koji Says:


  1083. test Says:

    ting testingtestingtesting

  1084. DianeLSullivan Says:

    hello? is this thing ON?

  1085. tjongolongo Says:

    This is me testing

  1086. Katja Says:

    ooh, I’d forgotten about this. Let’s see if the glitches have been ironed out.

  1087. Katja Says:

    Hmm. Possibly not. Take two …

  1088. José GDF Says:

    Probandooooooooo…. 😀

  1089. Jose María Pérez Says:

    Estoy probando esto a ver que tal va.

  1090. Jose María Pérez Says:

    Parece interesante como funciona.

  1091. Renee Says:


  1092. heidenkind Says:

    comment comment

  1093. Bozena Says:

    this is only a test

  1094. Leilani Says:

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


  1095. Elías Says:

    asta el infinito y más allá

  1096. Anonymous Says:

    testing co-comment

  1097. Eric Lampe Says:

    This is a test. In the event of an actual comment…

  1098. ropata Says:

    das war ein interessantes


  1099. cris Says:


  1100. Rob Says:

    Wow! Greetings.

  1101. Mat Morrison Says:


  1102. Martha Warner Says:


  1103. Florian Schütz Says:


  1104. Ian Lim Says:

    this is a test

  1105. Mattan Says:


  1106. Katja Says:

    Testing once again – let’s see if it works this time

  1107. bapester Says:


  1108. bapester Says:


  1109. bapester Says:

    oopps long comment required
    testing third time, pls work.

  1110. greg Says:

    test. test

  1111. Wazzat Says:

    Test 2

  1112. Sokar Says:

    A man with a bald head is one who comes out on top.

  1113. Andrew Says:

    just testing, of course!

  1114. bigbanners Says:

    I am testing a coComent extention.

  1115. truey Says:

    the list is too long, put in pagination

  1116. durand54 Says:

    testing coComment

  1117. Kri Says:

    Ceci est un test pour ma 2e installation de cocoment

  1118. Melanpyge Says:

    Testing cocoment.

  1119. Melanpyge Says:

    Testing cocomment.

  1120. Tishrei Says:


  1121. lizstokes Says:


  1122. Richard Says:

    Trying is the first step towards failure

  1123. Ben Says:


  1124. CFA Says:

    Creating Fresh Awareness is a mission to develop and equip leaders.

  1125. kamehati Says:


  1126. kamehati Says:


  1127. kamehati Says:


  1128. willypow Says:

    I am not sure what I’m getting into.

  1129. Anonymous Says:


  1130. Jessie Says:

    Wish I could use Safari though….

  1131. Anonymous Says:

    testing ff ext

  1132. Mainak Jas Says:

    OK This is just a test comment. Mike testing 1 2 3 4 …. Hello!

  1133. mark Says:


  1134. Matti Says:


  1135. Sergio Says:

    Make more test pages. This one is tooooo long. Too many time in load all comments.

  1136. Bina Says:

    Let’s see now, is this working?

  1137. Bina Says:

    Hmmm… I don’t see it

  1138. Izabel Says:


  1139. Izabel Says:

    Teste 2

  1140. bianca Says:

    the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain.

  1141. bianca Says:

    well, an entry showed up on my page, but it didn’t contain the comment.

  1142. serge esteves Says:

    test cocomment

  1143. bringmesunshine Says:


  1144. foxmarks Says:


  1145. Shell's Bells Says:

    this wasn’t so hard…

  1146. Shell's Bells Says:

    this was not so hard!

  1147. riki Says:

    ok give it a try

  1148. Ralph Paglia Says:

    I am testing out the coComment browser extension in Firefox

  1149. Ralph Paglia Says:

    I do not get it… what is the value of this cocomment software?

  1150. Atchua Says:


  1151. Atchua Says:

    I am testing out the coComment browser extension in Firefox

  1152. Aisling Says:

    I am testing thissss/

  1153. Flop! Says:


  1154. aphillieteacher Says:


  1155. Bertrand Says:

    voici qq lignes pour tester cocomment qui garde en memoire mes commentaires

  1156. henbo Says:

    ooo it works

  1157. Dihtri Says:


  1158. ETat Says:

    let’s see if it works

  1159. style maniac Says:

    oh the magic of technology!

  1160. Ben B Says:

    C’mon big money!!!

  1161. Ben B Says:

    Testing… part deux!

  1162. Andrew Says:

    There sure are a lot of comments on this page.

  1163. יחזקאל Says:

    I’m just want to test coComents. It’s looking great.

  1164. nicchick Says:


  1165. TF Says:


  1166. TF Says:

    ok so testtttttttttttttttttttttting
    hows that

  1167. TF Says:

    trying again toseeif this works

  1168. TF Says:

    javascript:void((function()%20{if(self.cocomment_toggle)%20cocomment_toggle();%20else%20{var%20element=document.createElement(‘script’);%20element.setAttribute(‘src’,’http://www.cocomment.com/js/handler.js?3-‘ + new Date().getDate());%20document.body.appendChild(element)}%20window.setTimeout(‘if(!self.cocomment)%20alert(\’The%20coComment%20script%20could%20not%20be%20loaded!\\n\\nPlease%20try%20again%20later%20or%20check%20on%20www.cocomment.com%20for%20possible%20maintenance.\’);’,10000);})())

  1169. jpc Says:

    OK je vais bien voir

  1170. Adelson Smania Says:


  1171. RichBig Says:

    Am hungry

  1172. Rav Casley Gera Says:


  1173. lol Says:

    Testando lol

  1174. Matthew O'Brien Says:

    CoComment and Mozilla…a winning combo!

  1175. Nicky Says:

    probando uno dos tres

  1176. Federico Says:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet conse..

  1177. HOla Says:


  1178. Litteraria Says:

    Testing the gadget =D

  1179. Lola Says:

    this page took forever to load!!!

  1180. kyanつく Says:

    this is a test comment.

  1181. christian Says:

    du du da da da!

  1182. Blogueigoo Says:

    Só + 1 teste

  1183. Leonardo Aguiar Says:


  1184. Daniel Says:


  1185. 北九えび Says:


  1186. 北九えび Says:


  1187. Lucy Says:

    Testando, testando srsrsrsr

  1188. جانان Says:

    تست test 1234 hohoohoh

  1189. kajrarey Says:


  1190. maggiehosmcgrane Says:

    here is my comment

  1191. maggiehosmcgrane Says:


  1192. まるみ Says:


  1193. Luís Cabral Says:

    Este é um teste do novo serviço coComment.

  1194. Lucaimura Says:

    Será que funciona agora…

  1195. Menthix Says:

    Testing out coComment, looks pretty interesting.

  1196. Lifestream - Menthix.net Says:

    […] coComment here "Testing out coComment, looks pretty interesting."Via Backtype at Wednesday, February 10th. @mynetx What's with the very ugly and annoying URL hijacking "social" […]

  1197. MaryWitzl Says:


    テストです。 テストでございます。  

    (これで十分ですか? なければ困るなあ。。。)

  1198. Anonymous Says:

    this is cool. isn’t it?

  1199. Skeptical Believer Says:

    This is a test. This is only a test.

  1200. Skeptical Believer Says:

    Testing Testing 123

  1201. Myheimu Says:


  1202. dhany Says:

    i am testing my cocomment

  1203. Scott Says:

    I wonder what i’m getting myself into…

  1204. Kathleen McGeady Says:

    Hi just testing it out!

  1205. Lo Zephyr Says:

    Whoop whoop! Testing, testing…

  1206. fernanda Says:

    let’s test it!

  1207. Tan Shun Yau Says:


  1208. Miss Medicina Says:


  1209. Miss Medicina Says:

    errr, one more test for prosperity

  1210. Poneria Says:

    /waves @Miss Medicina
    /goes on her merry way.

  1211. bill Says:

    This is yet another test of the co comment system.

  1212. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    This comment is longer than just “Test”

  1213. Guillermo Quijano Says:


  1214. Janet Clarey Says:

    mic check

  1215. 嶋崎 Says:


  1216. テスト Says:


  1217. Thomas Kujawa, familienfreund KG Says:

    a short test

  1218. Traffyk Says:

    Reinstalling cocomments after two years!

  1219. bakinchick Says:

    [insert comment here]

  1220. antoniotresca Says:

    installing cocomments….

  1221. geo Says:


  1222. barijaona Says:

    Je teste donc je suis…

  1223. Laura Says:

    I am testing now…

  1224. Elliott Teters Says:

    This is an excellent tool. I look forward to learning to use it effectively.

  1225. j Says:

    It’ll be cool to have all of my comments show up in my lifestream.

  1226. j Says:

    Now testing to see if the comment will show up in my lifestream.

  1227. Karla Says:

    No comment.

  1228. Scott Walters Says:

    Testing one two three

  1229. LS Says:

    I am leaving this comment for testing purposes.

  1230. realmom Says:

    test mememememe

  1231. Graham Phoenix Says:


  1232. Mary G Says:

    Testing like you

  1233. hilda Says:

    testing testing

  1234. गिरिजेश राव Says:


  1235. Laurens Says:

    Yay, my test!

  1236. हिमांशु Says:

    during a discussion on Hindi Blog ‘Kvachidanyatoapi’ , became aware of your comment tracking system and found it most useful.
    It was hard enough to track and preserve comments before joining this.
    Thanks alot.

  1237. प्रवीण शाह Says:

    टेस्ट कर रहा हूं।

  1238. Anonymous Says:

    testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

  1239. Dave Paulson Says:

    This is a test.
    Dave Paulson
    I think, therefore I jam

  1240. richinsights Says:

    I hope I see this comment come up in my cocoment personal page

  1241. Anonymous Says:

    Testing coComment

  1242. Aaron Eyler Says:


  1243. Kimling Says:

    Testing CoComment

  1244. Anonymous Says:

    testing cocomment again

  1245. AJ Says:


  1246. Angeline Says:


  1247. Cocotester Says:

    Man, I hope this works first time out. This page load was evil.

  1248. Janet Barclay Says:

    I hope this is the tool I have been looking for.

  1249. smith78412 Says:

    Testing 1, 2, 3

  1250. znj Says:


  1251. g Says:


  1252. Dori Prata Says:

    testando sistema de rastreamento de comentários

  1253. Steve Says:

    test test

  1254. ALMIA Says:

    Japanese Only

  1255. Ted Leach Says:

    Hopefully this is something that will work

  1256. Ron Henzel Says:

    OK, I’ll test it.

  1257. pollyalida Says:

    testing cocomment

  1258. Jennifer Says:

    test cocomment

  1259. Jennifer Says:

    This doesn’t seem to be working, so I am adding a comment longer than the word “test”!

  1260. dean Says:

    holla my good people of earth

  1261. Taylen Says:


  1262. Anonymous Says:

    testing cocomment. hope this works!

  1263. NoemiPJ Says:

    hello…anyone home?

  1264. Zwaai Says:

    hi. testing. curious how this works.
    byebye zwaaizwaai

  1265. ChrisJJ Says:

    test me

  1266. ChrisJJ Says:


  1267. SamM Says:

    will this work

  1268. Evan Says:


  1269. Jennifer Gleeson Blue Says:


  1270. Jennifer Gleeson Blue Says:

    Checkeroos x 2.

  1271. Danger von Hoofenshmitz Says:


  1272. Anonymous Says:

    helloooooooooooooooo is there anybody out there?

  1273. Bryan Hadaway Says:

    Helloooooooo World.

  1274. Tracy Red Says:

    co.comment test comment

  1275. Oliver Says:

    Judging by all the commenters on this post I guess cocomment doesn’t really work… (irony, you may laugh!)

  1276. Bill Says:

    What if I don’t want to add a comment or to test out cocomment? What do I do then?

  1277. Venita Lynn Says:

    Testing. Testing.

  1278. Marilyn Bohn Says:

    It will be nice to finally have one place to go to track my comments. I really hope it works as well it you say.

  1279. Rick Says:

    testing 123

  1280. Rick Says:

    This better work…

  1281. Rick Says:

    Technorati Test…


  1282. Miguel Rebollo Says:

    I’m trying this extension from MacOSX and it’s not working, the bookmarklet nor the extension 😦 It does not identify my user.

  1283. joe Says:

    hey joe

  1284. illyasoet Says:

    That was a long scroll jsut to leave a test message!

  1285. Christina Habberjam Says:

    I’m entering something here. Yay!

  1286. Tracy Says:

    Testing Co-Comment!

  1287. hp Says:

    test this one again

  1288. Anonymous Says:

    just for test yaaaaaaaaa